Date: 31st October 2013 at 5:51pm
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Someone was paying attention!

1) I know we won, as a matter of fact I knew we were going to win but to be very honest I didn’t think it would be that way, I noticed it looked so easy that when we scored I knew we were going to score again and I didn’t see any threat until the presence of Ozil altered that.

2) Bertrand should be way more than just a back up for Ashley Cole, (I will talk about this in a different article)

3) The Mikel and Essien combo looked very good, one might be old and the other has so many flaws about his game but together they seem made for each other and I think Essien deserves more game time because he has only played one game before yesterday and even though he didn’t look so good it was clear he was match rusty and I think he will come handy to win some midfield battles and to increase his re-sale value.

4) Eto’o has an extra-ordinary cohesion with the midfield especially for someone who has been here for less than 3 months

5) Our two full backs deserve way more game time than they are getting, whether the reasons are due to tactics, or form or how they are training they need way more game time

6)The fans were amazing , at some point I was actually was not sure if we were at the Emirates or the Bridge as the 9000 fans who were there literally out sang all the Arsenal fans in the stadium

7) The way we played against that Arsenal team that was on a run for so long beating everyone and with the way we played against them at their home, it is either we are extremely good and better than we thing or Arsenal is over-rated

8) Our ‘second ‘ team is too good to be a second team , now I know depth is good and all but I feel like it would be wiser to let some people go and maybe bring a younger player to the club to replace them . For example at CB very soon we would have Luiz , Cahill , Terry , Kalas , Omeruo , and I noticed KDB has been getting minimal game time , And even in midfield , Ake or Loftus-Cheek deserves a better chance even if it is at least training with the first team and having some substitute appearances because right now I think they are too far down the pecking order and I don’t see at least one of the younger ones getting and I think there would be financial advantages to such and even developing one or two players . I know competition is good but when the people you`re competing with are clearly better than you in certain areas and have way more experience and bigger price tag I feel it is more of a disadvantage for whoever is against them.

9) And another problem with the depth situation is that one good player is on the bench being wasted, unfortunately its Mata who is suffering it, mid season it could be Hazard ( for some reason I feel so ) and then the fans who love the player would complain and could lead to disharmony on its own as not everyone could remain happy , the season the squad would have been content is when we had 7 competitions

10) Lastly Willian and Mata, Damn in the first half these guys were everywhere especially Willian it was amazing, the tackling their passes, everything I was happy with the performances from them and good to see the extra effort they put in closing down players