Date: 16th May 2018 at 4:53pm
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I’m not sure turmoil is the correct word to describe the current status of Chelsea Football Club but things are not as smooth as they should be.

A failure to qualify for the Champions League, a huge blow when it comes to next season and the accompanying financial revenue stream, allied with the possibility that we could be set for another managerial change leaves an air of uncertainty hovering over Stamford Bridge.

But, with it being essential that the good ship Chelsea is returned to its true course over the next twelve months, it is essential that there are no panic measures taken when it comes to the playing staff currently on Chelsea’s books.

Briefly looking through the squad, Vital Chelsea has selected three players we need to hang onto at all costs, the three being:

Eden Hazard – undoubtedly the best player at the club, his talents illuminate when all around him fade. Rumours of a new contract abound, but there’s also that persistent link with Real Madrid. To see Eden leave would be a huge blow to our ambitions.

N’Golo Kante – one of a kind, a unique talent that covers so much ground, a ball-winner, a distributor and the vital cog in the Chelsea midfield. A sale would rip the heart out of the midfield machine needed to be successful.

Willian – Massively underused by Antonio Conte in recent weeks after, arguably our best player during the bad run of form we experienced in January through to March. On his day he has the ability to be a match-winner.

But, what are your thoughts on the above, do you concur with my views or have you a different three options to suggest?

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15 Replies to “3 Players Chelsea Cannot Afford to Lose This Summer”

  • The duo of Hazard, Willian & Kante shoulld be kept at Chelsea at all cost. Add quality, sharp & aggressive stricker to the squard you would see result. Then thinker the defence & bring in David Luoz.


  • let a new coach b brought in dat can motivate them 2 stay and also our growing young boiz they ar making noise they want 2 b herd

  • There is no gain saying that we would want KDB and Salah back if we had the opportunity. I am sorry to disappoint all that all we’d get back are the same “mediocre” players that left us. Why? Because it is our system that makes the players mediocre. The likes of players that won us many trophies with this our lethargic, “defensive” method (sitting on one goal and grinding games out) are quickly going into extinction. Today’s players want to play attacking football and scoring many goals. Our current players are as good as they come. So before we make further regrettable “give always”, let us change our style first, acquire impact players to type, let them compete and then decide on who is to go and who is to stay.

  • Sarri has gone, never coming in fact .

    Neither of them has really performed this year, but the lesson should be we need a coach that plays attacking football not defensive .

    Willian’s reps have already met with United .according to the papers .

    Going to be an interesting summer .

  • For all my likeness of Conte….what really pissed me was loaning/selling RLC, Chaloba, Ake. Without proven replacement. RLC for all his prseumed laziness would have done far better than Fab….Chaloba, would have done better or augument Baka.
    Maybe Conte would stay but I do not see any massive player recruitment in summer. Bring in Odoi for his pace and RLC to replace fabregas then switch to a 433/4231. This 433 has stopped working.

  • For now the squad is OK what we need is a better coach who can bring out the quality in them and a desperate striker if not two. NO CHELSEA NO FOOTBALL.

  • Chelsea need to have a coach which pattern are likely to the club players movement. Need of sharp striker like imobile, sarr

  • N’golo Cante, Eden Hazard and William are good players but our coach Antonio Conte doesn’t know how to use them.

  • Chelsea needs another coach who have the tactical and forceful movement to achieve their wants meanwhile kante,William,Eden Harzard are okay but the coach don’t know how use them and when they are needful rather he continues making changes that always yield bad result at last. We need change!!!! @coach.

  • for now the squad is ok, but the main problem is to have a new COACH that deal with attacking not defensive information and some mefielders that can replaced FABRIGAS, BAKAYOKO because those player are not right replacement for MATIC and another striker like SALLAH, HERRY KANE and again to bring back our property TIMMY ABRAHAM from loan in swansea city.

    • we don't have to let these 3peopel leave,because they are the important plays we have now. for Conte,lets just give him 2nd chance says:


  • 3 Are Superb Yes.We Dont Need New Signings But To Bring Back Our Assets Like Chaloba, Abraham, Batsushwayi, Charly Musonda And Deploy A Coach Who Can Make Proper Rotation Of Them.David Luis To Be Changed Position As A Striking Midfielder And Offload Likes Of Fabregas, Bakayoko, And We Will Go Further As A Team

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