Date: 30th April 2018 at 7:45am
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The news that emerged last week, relating to Shahid Khan possibly becoming the new owner of Wembley Stadium could have ramifications for Chelsea Football Club.

With Stamford Bridge set to undergo a major redevelopment, Wembley Stadium was expected to become Chelsea’s temporary home, possibly for as long as four seasons.

However, Khan’s reputed ambition to showcase NFL at the stadium, on a regular basis, could mean that any thoughts of taking up temporary residence would be vetoed.

Flicking through the pages of The Sun on Sunday, yesterday, the red-top publication was adamant that when it came to a new temporary home, the Emirates Stadium, White Hart Lane and Twickenham could all be discounted.

If that is the case, then there are very few stadia, in the London area, Chelsea could utilise.

But a possible solution does lie over in East London, with a residence, at the London Stadium, a possibility.

The owners of the stadium, E20 Stadium LLP, have, with regards to the situation, been quoted by our source as having remarked,

“We can confirm that another football club could play at the Stadium.”

But, this morning (Monday), those plans, according to The Sun, could also be scuppered with it being claimed that West Ham United will, apparently, have the final say on any ground-share and the answer, reputedly, will be negative.

Which leaves us asking the question, just where will Chelsea play when the time comes to demolish the current Stamford Bridge?

Any ideas?

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  • West Ham are going to block us, so that is out .Wembley remains the best hope as Kahn is amenable to letting us play there , for the right price, whatever that means .

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