Date: 21st August 2017 at 5:12pm
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As Chelsea hold off Spurs attacking threat to take their first win of the season.

After the loss to Burnley at home last week, most of the headlines read something like:

‘Chelsea in crisis’

‘Conte has lost the locker room’

‘Conte odds-on to be first manager out of job’

‘Conte might walk away’

‘Players unhappy with Conte methods’

‘Chelsea were wrong to have sold Matic’.

Going by these headlines you’d have feared the worst for Chelsea (and Conte especially) if you were not among those that understood the ways of the press.

Fast forward a week and the tune has changed totally to things like:

‘The Champions are back’

‘What Crisis’

‘Chelsea showed that they still have the great team spirit’

‘Bakayoko has attributes better than Matic’

With this sudden change in tune you’d be forgiven for asking yourself the question:

‘Why are the press and pundits so unstable as the wind?’

It’s little to none of my concern though as long as the results keep coming!



10 Replies to “A Change of Tune?”

  • Never for once fall into the way of media propaganda. I know morethan 80% of English football followers wish Chelsea downfall including the situation call FA and officials so we need not to listen and stand firm with our darling club.

  • I rather we keep flying under the radar while the attention be on the two Manchester clubs just like last season when no one tipped us to win the EPL.

  • I expected these so called pundits to be telling us how Mourinho and Gadiola should be expecting the sack if they fail to win the title this season which I believe we’ll retain rather than unnecessarily focusing on the Champions.

  • @Chistan it always looks like we stole something from the media with the way they exaggerate the bad things about us and just let the good things go without making noise about it

  • With yesterday’s 1:1 draw against Everton I have this uncanny feeling that Pep might still end the season without a trophy thereby becoming the worst City coach in their Billionaires’ era.

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