Date: 19th May 2006 at 10:19am
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In the tenth of our ongoing series, we ask the Liverpool Vital editor just how Liverpool view Chelsea.

1. Has your season gone as expected?

I think I would have to say that it?s gone much better then expected. At the start of the campaign our main hope was to see progress and perhaps to half the deficit of the 37pts we finished behind your guy’s in the previous season. As we eventually finished just 9pts behind and also picked up the FA Cup, we are all feeling very pleased with the progress that’s been made and looking forward to next season. My one disappointment would be that we should have gone a little further in the Champions League but we were awful against Benfica.

2. What changes would you like to see made?

A further clearout of the deadwood in the squad with Traore and Morientes top of the list. We have a couple of exciting young players already on the way in Gonzalez and Paletta but we badly need more quality upfront and on the right side of midfield.

3. Do you admire the way Mourinho has managed Chelsea?

No. I loved the way he put one over on the mancs and knocked them out of the Champions League when he was manager of Porto, so I really wanted to like him when he came to England but gradually I’ve found his words and antics increasingly annoying and now I just don’t have any time for the guy at all. On the field, he achieved great things at Porto with limited resources but with all the resources in the world at his disposal at the Bridge, I think he’s proven to be a little limited. Chelsea have won back to back Premier League’s so of course they are very consistent and very effective, and he deserves credit for that. On the negative side, I find the football and the tactics he employs to be very uninspiring and a little boring to watch. However, it?s off the field that I feel he really lets himself down. He’s arrogant, petulant and extremely ungracious. I don’t buy this rubbish about him hogging the limelight to take the pressure off his players. I think he loves to be the centre of attention, so much so that I hear he never goes to funerals anymore because he always gets jealous of the guy in the box!

4. Select a mixed Chelsea / Liverpool XI (Ratio 6:5 or 5:6)

It’s kinda tough to think of 5 of your players that would get in our team but I think this side would take some beating;

Reina, Finnan, Terry, Carragher, Gallas, Makelele, Gerrard, Lampard, Alonso, Duff, Fowler (4-5-1)

5. Who would you prefer to sign – Terry or Lampard?

Terry (My favourite Chelsea player)

6. What’s it like to conquer Europe – We’re still waiting for our glory!

Well after 5 TIMES, you get used to it. Seriously though, it?s fantastic. I’ve been supporting the Red’s since the 70’s, so I’m fortunate enough to have seen all of our victories and I’ve even made it to 3 of the finals and the experience will stay with me forever. Liverpool have won many trophies over the years but they can often fade from the memory. However, there’s something special about the European Cup / Champions League and the memories just don’t seem to fade. I have a detailed memory of all of our 5 VICTORIES. I actually had a bet on you guy’s to win it when Ranieri was in charge and you really should have won it that year. One thing I can tell you though is that no matter how good your players and your manager is, the other vital ingredient you need to win it is, a little bit of luck! Did I mention that we won it 5 TIMES?

7. Should Abramovich speak out more or is the silent way the best?

I think football chairmen are like referee’s, the best ones you don’t notice. Silence is golden.

8. Is our bad media image a result of being successful?

No, I don’t think you can put it down to success. Ourselves, the mancs and the Gooners had a pretty good media image when we were successful. To be honest, I didn’t really think your media image was that bad but if it is, I think it would have to be a combination of primarily, some of Jose’s antics and behaviour with perhaps a little bit of Kenyon’s dealings and the on field antics of one or two of your players. At the end of the day, I don’t think you should worry too much about the press. They’re all a bunch of scumbags anyway, one day it?s your club and the next day its mine. If you I want to know what’s truly going on at a club, I log in to the Vital Network. 🙂

9. Facilities – Anfield or Stamford Bridge?

Definitely Anfield for me of course but I do like going to The Bridge. Despite the rivalries, I think the banter between the fans is always pretty good.

10. Biggest gripe about Chelsea?

Well I’ve already covered that in my remarks about Jose. Other then that, the fact that you guy’s also have this annoying habit of beating us in the Premiership also bugs me but our day is at hand. Take good care of that Premiership trophy; we’ll come by to pick it up off you next season.

Our thanks go to Gerry the editor of the Liverpool Vital site for taking the time out to answer our questions.

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