Date: 24th May 2018 at 1:01pm
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After collecting the unique double of WS1 and FA Cup winners, it’s fair to say that the Chelsea Ladies have had a fantastic season.

Here at Vital Chelsea we’ve enjoyed reporting on how Emma Hayes and her side have conquered all before them on a domestic level.

However, the announcement was made yesterday that the club has decided on a name change.

From now on the term ‘Ladies’ will disappear and the team will be formally known as:

‘Chelsea Football Club Women’

In explaining the change, the BBC, are reporting that the change underlines the ‘ever-growing status’ of the women’s game whilst also being a move away from referring to the men’s side as the ‘first’ team.

Or as the Chelsea chairman, Bruce Buck, eloquently puts it,

“We believe this is an important step for the evolution of our women’s team.

“We are incredibly proud of their achievements to date and are fully committed to being a force for good in women and girls’ sport.”

Personally, I’m not sure about the change, the term ‘Ladies’ has a far more feminine appeal to it, but in these PC correct times, I’d better not expand on that point for fear of being labelled sexist.

However, the devil on my shoulder has put a smile on my face by suggesting alternative names for the other sides who play in WS1, but those would definitely get me in trouble!

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