Date: 9th June 2018 at 1:00pm
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With the plans to redevelop Stamford Bridge put on hold and with our owner, Roman Abramovich, currently unable to enter the UK, due to not having been granted a visa, speculation has been rife that the Russian may be looking to sell Chelsea Football Club.

But, it appears that speculation may be misplaced.

According to the popular news source, the Daily Mail, an approach has been made to buy our club.

The approach came from the richest man in Britain, Jim Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe has made his personal fortune, which is estimated to stand at £20.05 billion through being the boss of the multinational petrochemicals giant Ineos.

He is also a Chelsea season ticket holder and that would appear to give him some kudos as far as possibly buying our club goes.

However, any approach by Ratcliffe to become our new owner has been rejected by Roman Abramovich.

Now we’re not aware of just what kind of offer Ratcliffe made for the club but that kudos I mentioned earlier has shrunk alarmingly with the news that Ratcliffe only has a Chelsea season ticket because he lives nearer to Stamford Bridge than he does to Old Trafford the home of the club he really supports!

Good move there Roman!


11 Replies to “Abramovich Rejects Approach To Buy Chelsea Football Club”

  • If Roman don,t want to sall chelsea football club don,t sall it,to me samuel musu uk have give Roman Abramovich visa,because this men like to do has business in uk that all

  • i love what he did pielice he sorld not sell culib,he sorld trai an renew hes visa

  • as far as I’m concern I don’t want to see Chelsea own by any other person beside movic , cos he’s a through Chelsea fan and has done great for the club since owning it. visa should be given to him unless otherwise.

  • I hate Abramovich even more right now… Stubborn, stupid man, who can’t run a club, is running out of suitors for management, will completely (within a few years) lose the ability to attract top talent. And worse… He refused to sell for a profit, to a *British* investor. Dear Leader… may you be deported from the UK, forever.

  • @Marlo – It’s a lazy fool’s tactic to call a name and run away, rather than make his own position know, and open or discussion. (where he’ll surely be found out quickly) I’d bet 10 rounds at the pub, that you couldn’t hold an intelligent discussion on any given day. If you know so well, let’s talk about. Let’s find out who the real “retard” is… Bet ya can’t. Bet ya won’t…

  • As much as I love Chelsea FC, I would also like to see it owned by another asap. Roman is becoming very annoying and keeps trusting Marina with everything which is killing our dear Club. He has become so stubborn he refuses to see common sense in strengthening our team which every other club is doing. We’ll soon turn into a midtable club if Marina keeps managing the club.

  • Ok, so the investor is a Man Untd fan… Big f’ing deal. It’s been my experience in life, in general, that ownership tends to generate an unprecedented level of interest in the thing that’s been invested in. Abramovich was no Chelsea fan before he was the owner, and yet the fanboys can’t stop tea-bagging him. In fact, he tried to buy multiple football clubs, before he finally landed one. (in the form of Chelsea) So let’s spare that crap about anyone being a fan of some other club. If you judge one by that criteria, you must judge all…

  • In fact, let’s just agree right now, that Chelsea was “good enough” for Abramovich, when he couldn’t buy Real Madrid, Man Utd, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Arsenal. If you think for one moment that this club isn’t all about Dear Leader Abramovich and his ego, or if you’re even more foolish, and believe that this was his first choice, then God help you, fools. Abramovich bought the first club that would sell to him. End of story. I’ll take the English Man Utd investor, right now, today. Besides, if you 3rd world fans just love money so much, and all you care about is buying our way to the top, the British investor has WAAAAY more money than Abramovich. You should be happy for this. He hasn’t got the whole “tribal warlord” charisma that Abramovich has, so maybe that’s what’s quelling the enthusiasm…

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