Date: 16th July 2017 at 6:56pm
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I`m not a big fan of the social media networks, being old-school I like to keep the majority of my business to myself.

However, seeing as Vital Chelsea does have a Facebook site, it is my editorial duty to keep an eye on its contents.

This afternoon, several posts kept appearing suggesting that the Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero was being linked with a move to Stamford Bridge.

The posts also suggested that Pep Guardiola was looking to sell the player to raise funds to sign the Arsenal forward, Alexis Sanchez.

Now I must state I have no reliable source that I can reference these claims to, but then again some of the speculation that is linked to a source is complete hogwash.

Anyway, the suggestion got me thinking, in these times when acquiring a striker is proving to be difficult, how would you feel about a move for Aguero?

Although following the manner in which Aguero almost crippled David Luiz in the Premier League meeting at the Etihad Stadium, there might have to be a peace council for them to kiss and make up.

Please feel free to have your say on the unofficial, un-referenced piece of speculation and also vote in our front page poll.


12 Replies to “Aguero for Chelsea Anyone?”

  • Aguero wants to stay, City want him to stay, pep wants him to stay and the fans want him to stay. Otherwise like Spanish hack said it’s a goer.

  • I don’t see it happening but I will go all the way to bring him if he is available. I am sure Luiz wouldn’t find it difficult to forgive him.

  • More hogwash.. Despite the plethora of attacking choices at City, they only have two strikers in Aguero and Jesus. I doubt Bony will ever get a look in by Pep.

  • Ridiculous. And no. 2 seasons ago, yes, bring him. If Man City want to raise funds for one Alexis Sanchez, why not skip Aguero, and beat them to the punch? Aguero is a world class badass of a striker, but Sanchez is the better, more versatile player, for me. I would definitely not purchase Aguero, if I even remotely thought that it was to fund Sanchez, knowing full well that I could have Sanchez. (assuming that he’s open to the move, of course)

  • Man City do not need help to fund any purchase, what kind of stupidness I’d this! And if Sanchez leaves Arsenal for a prem club it will be for the highest bidder and that won’t be us

  • This kind of “stupidness” is called FFP, and it’s like keeping bowling scores… When you put a strike or spare in the box, you have to wait until the next frame to see what your score is going to add up to. (in this case, “frames” being campaigns) Yes, the Arabs can pull money out of their arses. But they can’t necessarily do it within the framework of the League. Either way, it’s not much good, because I don’t think Arsenal seriously intend to let Sanchez go. Although, with a year left, until he’s out of contract, things could get interesting…

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