Date: 16th August 2017 at 10:17pm
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It is believed that Juventus have turned down another offer from Chelsea for their wing back Alex Sandro. Antonio Conte has been chasing the Brazilian all summer long. Tonight, it looks as though the chase could be over.

The third bid the Blues have put in for Sandro is, according to The Daily Star an upfront payment of £64m with bonuses of £9m. Were it to be accepted, it would beat Chelsea`s previous transfer record, set with the arrival of Alvaro Morata earlier in the window.

Antonio Conte is desperate to strengthen his squad following the first game defeat against Burnley. However, there is still plenty of time to get other deals done with 15 days left of the transfer window to complete signings.

It may be that Chelsea have to admit defeat with this one and look to other targets. If the news outlets are to believed there is certainly no shortage of possible suitors for places in Chelsea`s starting XI. No doubt we`ll have to wait at 14 days to find out who they are.


10 Replies to “Alex Sandro Deal Dead In The Water”

  • I’ve felt we would not get him for a while, but wouldn’t call it dead. He’s yet to sign a new deal and I believe these bids are an attempt for get him to force a transfer via a transfer request. But we must be looking elsewhere and making bids for other players. That can also put pressure on juve if they feel he’s not going to sign, have a previous offer on the table, think will buy elsewhere…they might just call us

  • Juve will never sell him now, they have lost Alves and Bonnucci. Regardless we have spent way to much time on him . Honestly i do not think we ever had a chance, he is their elite player.

  • Wait, we will soon return with another offer next week and the week after and the week after because there are no alternatives to Sandro and he is the only LB in the world at the moment. Except the board knows something we dont, Juve is not selling. I am sure people people that run transfers at chelsea football club are not dumb, blind or deaf.

  • @@Michael Reai. Alvie’s and Bonnucci were also once Juve’s elite players. And we had been linked with Sandra’s long before these two left Juve. I a really baffled about the way we often lose out in negotiations. May be there are things other clubs do better than us. And to think that we let our players leave in droves in anticipation of acquiring better ones!!!

  • Juventus got Blaise Matuidi for £18m just in a day and Leicester told Chelsea to get Drinkwater for £40m? What nonsense!. I’d rather go for a £36m Sergi Roberto who is versatile.
    And why is this search for a midfielder taking more than 2 weeks? Please, try Google maybe it might help!.

  • That is the bias in european football.If chelsea had gone for matuidi he would have been sold for 40 million pounds,or look at sanchez of bayern he was given to ac milan on loan.sandro you can say is the best left back,but we goofed in sending ours on loan or sold for small money.See betrand,we are not patient enough with our own.The squad is thing because we loaned and never plnned ahead.??.I am so tired with the way the club does her business.Now we are the chasing pack.We sold coldrado to them,but find it difficult to get bonnuci.I just wonder.Its not only chelsea,but other english clubs.Every european club wants to milk us.Thats why we need to focus within.where was sandro when ashley cole was a left back.we can still make or build another in betrand.

  • For goodness sakes, we need to move the hell on. Every summer we get stuck on a player, then chase him the whole window, when the parent club are not willing to sell. We just never learn.

  • He’s not worth all the trouble. There’s no man that is indispensable. I bet there are hundreds like him itching to come and play our club so why waste all these efforts on him?

  • Theo the point was if we had bid what we bid yesterday before Bonucci and Alves left, we would probably have gotten him .Instead Marina tried to nickle and dime them .

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