Date: 23rd March 2019 at 1:23pm
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Those of you that know me well, will be aware that after 41 years of continuous employment, by the same company, I took the decision to leave and join another aviation-based company.

It was a difficult decision to make but one I’m glad I did.

Starting in my new role last Monday, I was able to link up with several colleagues who made the same switch months / years earlier, some of whom are, like me, Chelsea fanatics.

Sat around the table, as you do like, discussing the current woes of the world, the topic of conversation turned to Sarriball.

Jokingly, when asked what the style of passing the ball around sideways, backwards, sideways, further backwards then ten-yards forward, we agreed on one thing.

These days, when the urge arises you can, quite comfortably, disappear upstairs to use the toilet, come back down and disappear into the kitchen to make a drink, return to the sofa safe in the knowledge that you won’t have missed much and that the ball will be in approximately the same area of the pitch as it was before you left your comfortable seat.

Sad but true!

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