Date: 13th July 2018 at 8:25am
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The news is expected to become official sometime today that Chelsea and Antonio Conte have parted company.

The Italian, who has always had a wonderful rapport with the Stamford Bridge support is set to be axed after two seasons in charge during which he has delivered a Premier League title and an FA Cup, a pretty decent haul we believe.

However, it became blatantly obvious last season that all was not as it should be when it came to the relationship between the boss and the Chelsea hierarchy.

Many supporters have found it perplexing that Conte was allowed to return to Cobham to take charge of pre-season training when a change at the managerial helm was imminent.

But, in your view what went so badly wrong for the Italian?

Did Antonio, fall victim of his somewhat brash attitude when it came to dealing with the squad?

Did the manner in which he informed Diego Costa he was heading out of the exit door sow the seeds for his departure?

Did the clubs transfer policy frustrate Conte so much that he felt he had no long-term future at the club and was just waiting for the axe?

Just three questions I can immediately think of, you can probably think of many more.

But, another pertinent question that springs to mind is whether Chelsea have made a huge mistake in axing a boss who, during his managerial career, has shown he is a born winner.

Please feel free to offer your views on the above subject matter in our comments facility beneath this article.

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5 Replies to “Analysing Conte’s Imminent Stamford Bridge Departure”

  • Far from being a mistake to axe the man. One thing for certain is that contrary to some speculations that he was axed because of finishing outside top four I personally don’t think that is the reason. Conte found a structure at Chelsea and agreed when he took over the job to be part of the structure building member, players he found gave him a premier league trophy which meant that those players with good management had the capacity to do better. However, the trophy in his first season drove him crazy and started systematically pulling down the structure which he had agreed to help build. He wanted to put his own structure and hoped to be financed by the same board of directors whose structure he sought to destroy. He so much overrated himself to the point where he undermined many of his players who even won him the first trophy. His demands would have been understandable if the players he found failed to perform to the standard in his first season. Clearly players were also becoming very uncomfortable with him and everyone else except of course some supporters who only evaluated things from past records. It will be a disaster if he will be allowed to finish his contract this season. I feel parting ways is good for the club. His situation though is different from the previous managers because I don’t think his sacking is a result of bad performance.

  • Conte failed after axing Chelsea star player costa.Costa would score 20+ goal each season and it wasn’t fare to dismiss him the way conte did…

  • As fans we have to really start to look deeper into situations at the club we support. Conte came to Chelsea after a horrendous showing the season before. To insinuate that he simply agreed to become part of the structure at Chelsea would be simply preposterous. Conte came to restore Chelsea to the top of the league and I dare say to help put in place a structure that would endure thus providing Chelsea fans with a dynasty of sorts as he did at Juventus. On the point of Diego Costa, whom I believe we really missed this year, it was a shame that situation was handled in the way it was. Nonetheless, Costa was trying to engineer a deal to China in January of the previous year, that speaks to how much he really wanted to remain at the club. In my opinion, Diego never really settled i) with the english game ii) the language gap and the media. You always thought he wanted to return to Atletico just as Felipe Luis did.

    So what really has cost Conte his job? Two words, PLAYER POWER.

    It cost Jose his when we finished tenth and now it has cost Conte. In the season when we finished 10th, was Jose Mourinho at fault or was it player effort and dedication?

    We went from Champions one year to 10th the next. The common denominator, that season was the players and this season its the same.

    It is disheartening that the club is unwilling to accept that they have erred in not supporting the manager fully. Look at what Pep has been able to do with the full support of the club. He benched Aguero until he came around and I dare say Aguero is probably their best player. The reason for that is, the coach is there to develop the strategy and prepare the players to carry out the strategy. However, at Chelsea it seems that some players believe that they should be developing the strategy and carrying out. Well, I am sorry but until we come to the realization that this sort of behaviour is counter productive to what the club is trying to achieve, we are destined to second, third, fourth or even fifth best.

  • What cost Conte his job was IDIOT CLUB OWNER. Conte is an old-school player and manager. He demands to be the boss. We knew this before – the club hired him, anyway. Then, they tried to emasculate him. When he wasn’t satisfied with what the players were giving him, rather than do the right thing, and build a team around an identity and philosophy, the IDIOT CLUB OWNER decided to keep his favorites, and say “to hell with” a demanding manager, who could have transformed the club. Was he stubborn? Yes. Was he passionate? Yes. Was he intolerant to suffer a fool? YES! All of the good qualities of a manager. But we’d rather do whatever the hell it is that we do, instead of being a world class football club. #RomanAbramovichOUT

  • Oh, and by the way, while we’re at it… FUCK Diego Costa. That man represents what’s wrong with the club, not what’s right with it. He was/is a sniveling little BITCH, both on the field, and off. A functional club cannot be beholden to such temperamental players. Good riddance.

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