Date: 27th March 2020 at 8:49am
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In what are strange times, with the 2019 / 2020 season suspended, it’s great to have a little interaction from the Vital Chelsea community.

On the back of an article that queried why those who frequent Vital Chelsea didn’t support the possible signing of Antoine Griezmann – the-chelsea-support-are-not-in-favour-of-this-ace-joining-the-club – a wonderful contribution was received from Navid Deenthe-chelsea-summer-transfer-masterplan-a-vision-of-what-could-happen who provided a detailed analysis of the path he believed Chelsea should take this summer.

Yesterday evening, herby55 took the time out to respond to Navid’s perceived master plan.

As is often the case when it comes to football, opinions can widely differ, if they didn’t it wouldn’t make it the wonderful game it is.

Discussing Navid’s plan, herby55 had this to say:

– GK – Henderson for £55 million – Not needed, a waste of funds. Yes, Chelsea needs a #2 keeper but there are cheaper and better options available.

– LB – Telles for £40 million – not at that price. He has 1 year remaining and at 27-years-of-age there is little re-sale transfer value. Chelsea should pay no more than £27 million.

– CB – Ben White for £25 million – No. Not Chelsea quality. Best to keep what they have and buy Ake to rotate with Alonso at LB and be left side CB in a back three. Selling Ake was a mistake.

– CM – Kelvin Elliot £25 million. No. Kante is getting on in age but Chelsea need a strong and experienced player in the double with the other midfielder.

– RW – Sancho for £100 million– This would be nice but the deal has to be structured with £78 million upfront and the remainder on performance (£22 million) and future transfer (£20 million).

– LW – Jeremie Boga £18 million–This should be done, especially if Willian leaves. Sancho, Ziyeck, CHO, Pulisic, and Boga should provide plenty of support for the strikers.

– ST – Jovic-Loan- He could not replace a fading Benzema. He only comes to replace Michy, if Giroud stays.

Some forthright views there, from herby55, I sense a Roy Keane TV pundit style analysis there, but we live in a world of free-speech and each unto their own.

If you’d like to commit to print your proposed summer 2020 transfer master plan then please feel free to forward it to me at JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM

Once again, my thanks go to Navid Deen and herby55 for taking time out, in these troubled times, to offer their thoughts.

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