Date: 18th July 2015 at 2:16pm
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Silently and patiently watching as the transfer clock wind down to precisely 45 days: 4 hours: 10 minutes as I tap away on my keyboard, with our rivals both domestic and foreign strengthening and, in the case of Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United, regenerating their squads with what’s arguably world class acquisitions, I can’t help but notice how it seems Chelsea are still in a snooze of sorts.

So I ask, why the snooze and foot-dragging? Why the collective somnambulism in our front office, when we as champions should, ideally, be the most attractive destination to any star out there in the market who hopes to further their careers in Europe’s most exciting league, the Premier League and, of course, the Champions League? Is it arrogance? Complacency? Or arrogance-induced complacency?

First it was Jose’s public denial of interest in Frenchman Antoinne Griezmann, a world class forward who it seemed at the time was available for £43m as enshrined in his contract with Atletico Madrid; then it was the Turk, Arda Turan, the hitherto Atleti talismanic playmaker who ended up being snapped up by a Barcelona side boasting the best attack in Europe and arguably the most dangerous attack the game has ever seen, although the Catalan club are supposedly under a transfer ban; and then our other ‘target’, Douglas Costa, got snapped up by none other than Pep Guardiola’s German champions Bayern Munich! And since then a pattern had emerged as the likes of Roberto Firmino, James Milner, Memphis Depay, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Sneiderlin, Raheem Sterling, Arturo Vidal and a host of other classy players who would have, selectively, improved our squad, if not first eleven, have either ended up at our rivals’ or would soon be doing so!

So I ask again, what’s up Jose? Are you losing your umph? That special umph that saw you attract all those class acts time and space wouldn’t allow me to name here all in a summer window following a successful title-winning season in 2006? Are we seriously hoping to retain our title and make an impression in Europe with basically the same squad with which we failed last term or this all a huge joke, as in you have a secret knock out ace up your sleeve? Well, I am yet to perceive anything of the sort. Earlier in the window you said we “needed two to three signings” to improve our squad, yet pre-season is almost upon us and the two to three signings are yet to arrive as Falcao and Begovic, if my math is anything to go by, do not count since they’ll only be replacing Drogba and Cech who have since been released and sold by you, respectively. Erm, okay, Roman.

I am yet to see what marquee buy the club are looking at because trawling through the newspapers this morning, I found a couple of disturbing inferences making the rounds: United are about entering the fray for two of our latest ‘non-marquee’ targets – John Stones and, wait for this, Pedro Rodriguez – with some of the broadsheets inferring that whilst the former will largely complete the jigsaw Van Gaal is building at Manchester, the latter will favour the Red Devils as they’d not only potentially pay him more wages than Chelsea would but will grant him more playing time as he’ll be replacing the departed Robin van Persie.

It must be said, at this juncture, that while this writer isn’t necessarily throwing violent tantrums(well, maybe I am, but definitely not in the proportions of the sort a certain Andre Villas-Boas and successor Tim Sherwood used to throw at the Spurs touchline) nor attempting to get any of the faithful to lose sleep, the foregoing so far this window is however a disturbing scenario; it is difficult, if not impossible, competing with a juggernaut as broken as Manchester United has been since Fergie…especially as they are now hellbent on buying the Premier League!

With Jose and the board making moves a tad too late, compared to last summer, it’s a hell of a window, isn’t it? Well, I hope that’s not Toddles to our title then.

Are Chelsea making a meal of this transfer window? Get your teeth into this.

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