Date: 27th May 2018 at 9:54am
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With speculation relating to a change in the managerial hot-seat at Stamford Bridge continuing, I can’t but help think Chelsea are missing a trick.

The name of the former Napoli boss, Mauricio Sarri, is being linked with the hot-seat with several sources, including the Metro, inferring that a deal has already been reached.

Now Sarri may be a more than capable manager but the fact, at the age of fifty-nine, he has yet to win any major honours is a real cause for concern.

Now, naturally, if Sarri is the latest to accept what many are now viewing as a poisoned chalice, he’ll be bringing in his own backroom staff.

But, surely, with regards to the long-term future, would it not be a better idea if Chelsea were to insist that Sarri finds room on his team for the duo of Frank Lampard and John Terry?

Lampard, looking to get into football management, has been linked with the vacancy at Derby County whilst Terry, after Villa’s failure to win the Championship Play-Off Final, could be ready to hang up his boots.

Bringing the duo to Stamford Bridge would give the club back its roots and set the tone for where the club is headed.

Do you, the Vital Chelsea fraternity, agree with my views or have I gauged this one completely wrong?

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4 Replies to “Are Chelsea Missing A Trick Here”

  • That is right because the club is lacking leadership since the departure of john n lampard,with this guys back at everything will good.

  • I understand and agree with the sentiments behind what you are saying Merlin, my only reservation is that perhaps 2 such legends together is 1 too many? By that I mean both are driven men, who will one day each want to be the main man. I appreciate that there is a genuine bond between them but there can only ever be one Crown Prince. An heir and a spare is fine for royalty, after all primogeniture dictates, but in football, as in business, merit has to be the deciding factor in who is going to be king. For that reason perhaps it would be better for both to start their coaching careers away from The Bridge, since neither yet have anything on their coaching CV

  • Sarri is not bringing any of his bsckroom staff, they opted to stay at Napoli instead of joining him

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