Date: 7th January 2013 at 4:40pm
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So the writing is on the wall. I know he is leaving.

I know he is not the same player he once was. I know I bitched about him lot and lot of times in the past but I don’t know why I am SAD.

I asked myself

‘You criticized him for his poor performances like nobody’

‘You called him going after money and holding the club hostage’

‘Declined a lot in the past 2 years’

But why am I sad now. I don’t know guys. Frank Lampard is leaving Chelsea in the summer after a decade. It`s going to be a long good bye. A goodbye for the next 6 months. Goodbye to one of the greatest players of Chelsea. It`s going to be really, really hard and long goodbye. All I want now is to win something just for him this season to send him off on a high like Drogba. No more bitching, no more criticism, no more contract talk from me guys. All I want now is to send off Lampard with the praise and dignity and appreciation for all he has done for our beloved CHELSEA.

For fans who are thinking ‘Oh not another Lampard article’. I feel it is necessary and our obligation to write an article about Lampard. I don’t know why any of other writers at VC like Gabeu, KAKUfrank etc didn’t write an article on FL yet. So I am writing this piece.

So its goodbye for one of the best player (maybe greatest ever?) too wear our blue shirt in the summer. I am not going to discuss anything about his current contract situation with CFC or his decline as a player for the past 2 years etc etc. I am not gong to argue whether Chelsea is right to release Lampard with out making a credible offer. I am not going to argue who is right. Lampard or Chelsea? I don’t care now.

LEGEND – When a player achieves the status Legend with any club supporters?

Scoring goals regularly? Like Lampard did for the past decade in our blue shirt (193 currently whilst I am writing it).Are you willing to bet he wont break our all time Bobby Tambling’s scoring record this season? I won`t bet against FL guys even with half a season remaining and he still need to score 9 to equal and 10 to beat it.

Playing through personal pain? His Liverpool match in the CL semi final and his penalty will live even higher with lot of supporters including mine than even our CL truimph. After the passing of his beloved mother Pat. Racking up assist after assist for his team (130?) Lampard is one of the highest assisting midfielders in the past decade. He is even among the greatest assisting midfielders of the Premier League.

Winning Trophies? I don’t think there are lot of players who are out there who could come close to Frank in his medals tally. 3 PL, 1CL, 4 F.A Cups, 2 League Cups not to mentions the numerous individual accolades he collected in the last decade with us. Love him or hate him Frank Lampard is a CFC legend. It`s undisputable.

If you try to argue against it the whole world will know you are a FOOL and MORON with out any advertisement.

Lampard has the record for most consecutive appearances in the Premier League (164). He won the Chelsea player of the year awards 3 times. He came second in the World Player of the year once. He`s the only midfielder to score more than 150 goals in the PL. 2nd most assists in the PL (91). He was voted as PL Player of the Decade. Second in the scoring charts of Chelsea with 193 goals and 130 assists. With a professional career that spans over more than 16 years and 860 appearances and 258 goals and 131+ assists(Club and Country) you can say that Lampard is a legend of the Premier League, legend of the Champions League and LEGEND of FOOTBALL in general.

‘FAT FRANK’ is the nickname that our opposition supporters are happy to dish out because of their HATE for him. If you want to measure how much respect your player is gaining on the opposition then you just need to see how much the opposition fans hate that particular player.(some exceptions to this rule like ZOLA in the past now MATA) If you ask Chelsea fans they will say how much they hate Rooney or Ronaldo or a Messi etc.

Lampard is no exception to this hate because he is the tormenter of their team so many times that they have gone on the personal insult route to break him down or let him engage with them in an argument or controversy. For each season they can`t break him they upped the stakes with higher insults and personal insults etc. But I can honestly say that Lampard has shown them his middle finger for more than 12 years now (with West Ham it`s more than 16).

For all his faults as a manager Claudio Ranieri is held in high esteem by CFC support because he is a excellent scout and his unerring eye for talent. He is the man who bought Cech to Chelsea gave JT his big break in the first team and he is the man who signed Makelele from RM. But he surpassed all this with the signing of Frank Lampard. Lots and lots of fans and managers thought Ranieri lost his mind when he bought Lampard for £11million from West Ham.

But Lampard racked up goals and assists like no other midfielder they`ve seen before in the Premier League. Mourinho had just arrived when Lampard and JT reached their peak and the rest his history. With RA and Jose the core team with JT FL the BLUE MOON raised like never before and gave the deserved JOY and HAPPINESS for lots and lots of fans who hadn`t tasted trophies for a long time. The likes of UTD, BARCA, RM etc are really afraid of Chelsea because Chelsea is not a team of over paid players they are a TEAM. They win together. They go down together.

Buying players is one thing but the player having the winning mentality is another thing (certain FT comes to the mind). Lampard has that will to win and playing through pain and suffer for the cause of Chelsea. Unbreakable self belief and ability to ride the storm calmly and coming out on the top..

Chelsea is the most hated club in England and in Europe may be in the whole world. The F.A are against Chelsea everybody knows that. UEFA is so corrupted that you can`t expect anything other than bias and hatred towards Chelsea from them. So when we see the collection of medals FL collected it`s even more remarkable with all this bias from the referees and influences from the FA and UEFA.

If you heard about Platini’s comment about ‘how CL is not good if UTD and CFC played in the final for the 2nd year in running. How it will be good for the competition to play Barca v UTD final. Then comes one of the worst refereeing performances ever seen (Overbo). I haven’t even seen that type of refereeing in a 15 year non professional football match. With out these type of things lampard’s collection of medals could be even more impressive.

My love for Frank Lampard is not just the statistics above. I love Lampard because he is not flashy. He is not the definition of most talented footballer. I don’t think even the most ardent Chelsea fans will argue that Lampard is a great technical midfielder. But what we can all learn from Lampard is

‘Even when the god didn’t gave you the obvious great talent for a particular field either its football or work or business What ever the field you take in your life HARD WORD, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION will move you to the pinnacle of your field’

GOD didn’t gave Lampard the football talent like a Maradona or Messi or Ronaldo or Ronaldinho but what god gave Frank is hard work and dedication. He achieved his greatness through his work nothing else. In terms of achievement I will rank Frank Lampard even more than Ronaldinho or Maradona. Both are great and geniuses but lost their way because they didn`t want to work. Lampard is not just a football player. If you want a role model in your life then there is no need for us to look anywhere else than Lampard.

Just last week only a story popped up in the papers about how he stayed after all the players who left from training at West Ham. His team mates at Upton Park made fun of him about how he has no life outside training ground and why he is doing the work nobody asked him to do?. He stayed hours more than any of them to practice his shooting, passing, assisting, running etc when he wasn’t even a 20 year old. It`s the same at Chelsea, I remember a article about Lampard practicing a very very difficult volley in training for more than 5 hours continuously after a training season ended until he got that technique right.

Jose commented about his dedication after he scored a volley shot exactly the same one he practiced in the training months before. Mourinho said that the best professional footballer he ever worked with is Frank Lampard. This comes from the man who is a workaholic and dedicated coach like nobody in football. Carlo also said the same when compared Lampard and Maldini for their work ethics. Why are all these world famous coaches are praising Lampard? It`s because of his hard work. If you put a hard working Lampard one side and a lazy but greatest football player on the other side all the managers will choose Lampard only. Once asked about Lampard the red nose SAF said ‘Exceptional’. Nothing else. If SAF (he hates anything related to Chelsea) says a Chelsea player is exceptional then what can we say about Lampard.

Lampard is a supremely fit footballer for his age (35 in summer). Most footballer who will lose their way after turning 30. Yet Lampard produced consistency in terms of playing matches or goals or assists in his 30’s.Lot of players and managers and fans are horrified by Chelsea’s refusal by not offering him an extension not only because he is a great player even at 35 he is more fitter, dedicated, hard worker than 90% of the footballers. Even though Lampard is a all round footballer who works hard on all the aspects of his game from defending to attacking one thing he is more famous for than anybody in the football. His LATE RUNS into the box and scoring goals.

Lot of fans are thinking that it`s easy. No it`s extremely hard and making it a habit is like Lampard is even harder. Can anybody from the VC world point out another midfield player who can score goals like Lampard from his type of late runs? Almost NONE.

More importantly I can`t see anybody in the past 15 years in football to score consistently like him. Mastering the work is one thing if you have the obvious talent for it. When you had minimum talent compared to lot of others on your field yet you are able to overtake them by your work is even more enormous.

‘I can’t stress the importance of working hard enough, work on all aspects of your game. If you do that and you have the ability, you’ll come through.’

‘I never relax on the year before. Every year I want to get more out of myself so I use it as a driving force, rather than a pressure thing.’

‘I think as far as kids go, you just have to work hard. Work on your skills, keep focused.’

‘There’s so many kids out there and it’s such a cut-throat world. I’ve seen a lot of my mates, you know, who are better players than me at a certain age, and they’re not in football now.’

‘God gave players the talent… but some of them waste this talent but some of them with this kind of mentality make themselves better and these are the kind of the players that can last forever.’ – Jose Mourinho.


‘Lampard is not just a footballer. He is a ROLE MODEL to anybody in their life who want to achieve greatness in their chosen field’

‘Arrivederci’ Frank Lampard. For all the memories, happiness, trophies everything you gave to Chelsea for the past decade. Come back soon frank.