Date: 22nd August 2017 at 10:30pm
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Despite interest from Ligue 1 side Lille, Michy Batshuayi is said to prefer the option of staying at Chelsea and fighting for his place in the starting XI.

Fair play to the likeable Belgian striker. Batshuayi who scored the goal that clinched Chelsea`s Premier League title win last season, featured heavily in pre-season games. However, Antonio Conte has rarely put his full trust in him.

The article which is featured in The Mail says the 23 year old believes he`ll get more chances to play under Conte this season.

When Batshuayi signed from Marseille at the start of last season for £33.2m, Danny Rose would have been all over Google. So were Chelsea fans. But, if you`re going to spend that much on a player, you should at least show him some respect by giving him a good run in the first team.

Part of the manager`s job is to surely make these players better, along with his coaching staff. Why don`t they just do that?


5 Replies to “Batshuayi Keen To Stay And Fight For His Right To Play”

  • Thank you techlec2000. It is so refreshing to hear your views on this because many of the sentiments expressed on another thread here at VC and some other Chelsea FC Blogs i visit have been so negative and abusive of this young man it is really shocking. I add my voice to Solid, you and KAKU (based on comments these other commenters have previously made) to please give this guy a fair chance. By that i mean no loan outs, no sale but a fair fighting chance and quality minutes where he can have a chance to prove his worth and grow as a player. I would remind those writing of this young fella that we once had another young Belgian striker but many on this fan forum felt he was too raw, had no first touch etc etc and so we shipped him out on loan several times then sold him of for what many here said was a good profit. When we tried to get him back he was priced beyond what we felt we could afford..well he is now with one of our rivals and whether you like the guy or not the numbers dont lie..he is scoring for fun just as he has done for several years before and the guy isnt even 25 yet. The lesson this should teach is the need for patience especially with such a young lad who has such a positive attitude, willingness to work hard and loyalty to our club. Let us give this guy a chance to learn, grow and develop with us. Adding a grizzled veteran like LLorente will help him and Morata by taking some of the pressure of their shoulders and enable them ease into their roles..As LLorente then phases out in another 1-2 yrs hopefully Abraham will be ready to step up to join the other two..this is how rational squad building is takes patience and a willingness to work with raw unfinished products.

  • Right on, GabeU. Attitude is everything. When a player gives you this, you pay in back in orders of magnitude. His ability is there, but he needs to be seasoned. If we don’t do it, some other team will – and as you mentioned, the cycle will repeat.

  • The bottom line is, he’s not good enough to play for Chelsea. Recoup the money we paid for him and move on.

  • Admirable yes..but it seems as if he gets nervous when it really matters. Maybe chelsea is too big for him right now. He should move on and enjoy his football

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