Date: 12th February 2019 at 12:57pm
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After the recent run of poor results, particularly those away from home, the pressure is building on a beleaguered Maurizio Sarri.

His attempts to dazzle the Premier League with his ‘Sarriball’ have failed miserably and, on Sunday, we had to suffer the embarrassment of being trounced 6-0 by a Manchester City side that were on a different level to a Chelsea side that is regressing quickly.

However, despite the current situation, supporter opinion remains split on whether Sarri should be axed or should be allowed to continue.

To that effect, the respected news source, the Telegraph, is reporting that the Italian has been given two weeks for his fate to be decided.

Now, I’m not sure whether that statement equates to the dreaded vote of confidence but it certainly ramps up the pressure on the boss.

But, you could argue that by giving Sarri a reported two weeks to turn things around the situation could be far worse than it is now.

In a worst-case scenario, Chelsea could be knocked out of the Europa League by the Swedish side Malmo, knocked out of the FA Cup by Manchester United and humbled again, by Manchester City, in the Carabao Cup Final.

Personally, I’m not sure which way this the pendulum is going to swing this time, but I wouldn’t shed too many tears if Sarri were to be axed, if he is a square peg in a round hole better we act sooner rather than later.

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6 Replies to “Beleaguered Chelsea Boss Given Two Weeks To Sort Things Out”

  • I never been his fan from day 1. I warned from this site that what is happening now will happen immediately when he was appointed, as his credentials as a coach are very very poor. How can you give world class players with so many titles on their shoulders to a coach who never tasted even once what is like to win in his entire life, and you expect him to make those players better? It’s just the contrary that you will get. It’s as simple as that. So I am not surprised with the current state of affairs at CFC with the current gaffer. And the more we keep him, the more embarrassemt we will get. Watch this space.

  • Chelsea should be patient with Sarri. To drill his own playing philosophy into the players will require at least a full preseason. He never had the time to do this, considering the little time he had with the players before the season started. He has to prepare for matches in quick succession. Even Pep, by his own standard, did not do well in his first season with City, but he is doing well now. This painful bend has to be navigated before we begin to enjoy sarriball. Patience pls.

    • @ Eric Akinbobola, I disagreed with you about players not understanding Sarri’s way of play and he has to be given more time.
      At the beginning of the season when CFC was winning games and was unbeaten, Sarri himself said this group of players are very intelligent and have adapted to his philosophy of play quite quickly. (You can find the records of this in the press if you google it). By then CFC were considered as one of the title contenders together with Man City and Liverpool.
      Then Spurs studied the Sarri’s way of playing and system and found a way to show to the world how to unlock it by trumping us 3-1 at Wembley. From that game on our the others managers in the league knew how to nullify the Sarri ball by marking Jorginho and pressing him. And that’s what all the other teams are doing so far up until now in order to beat us (Sarri’s system).
      But the gaffer has shown time and time again his stubbornness of adapting and his inability to come with a plan B, that’s why we are being humiliated so badly with heavy defeats.
      So now suddenly you guys and some pundits are claiming that players don’t understand or are not adapting to Sarri’s system/way of play? That’s bullshit Man! CFC current players are not stupid Man, and most of them are serial winners and 1st team players with their national teams. How do they adapt so easily to the system of their respective coach in their national team, but are unable or need more than 6 months to adapt to Sarri’s way/system? That’s a lame excuse Man. I just don’t buy it. Sarri’s just have to accept that he has been found out by the intelligent opposition managers that the league has, and he has to change his ways and develop a way of getting the best out of a squad rich of talented and intelligent players. Conté did that, and ended up by becoming the champion of England in his first season.

    • Who is Sarri? Why should we over haul the squad for him? As a matter of fact one of the main reasons we went with a non title winning coach like him is because he was supposedly gona make things work and not ask for transfers.

  • I hear now he wants to overhaul the whole squad and bring in players who understand his sarri-ball. Perhaps he wants to bring in the whole of his Napoli squad.

  • Chelsea got fooled big time, and to think we lost Conte for this. With Conte we didn’t even need to over haul, just simply upgrade certain positions is all.

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