Best Player In The World?

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Frank Lampard reached a goal scoring landmark on Saturday against Blackburn. The Chelsea and England midfielder scored his 100th league goal, 60 of them being for Chelsea. He is already the Premierships top scorer so far this season with 11 goals from just 10 league games.

He also proved he is super fit making his 157th consecutive appearance in the league, a record only surpassed by David Fumble, sorry James, who has played 159 games in a row.

Mourinho has hailed our midfield lynch pin as the best in the world. Never one for understatements is he?!

?Only in England people recognise what this player is. He was the best player of the year for the Premiership. These people who give the big international awards, I don?t know what they?re doing at weekends. The player is the best player in the world. He plays every game. Some great players play only one game a month, or one day they?re Man of the Match but the next day they don?t touch the ball. This player is top every game. I would not change him for another one.’

He also says that Lampard ‘does everything? and that ?his defensive work is incredible.?

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