Date: 5th October 2017 at 10:47pm
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One of Chelsea`s former players has been interviewed by a media outlet in his native Brazil about his time at Chelsea and what the football future may hold. Oscar joined Chelsea in the summer of 2012 and left in 2016 to chase the mega money up for grabs in China.

For Chelsea, Oscar constituted good business, brought for £28m and sold for £54m. Talking to Leandro Colombo from Premier League Brazil Oscar was asked how his move to Chelsea came about (these quotes translated with Google Translate),

`Leaving Brazil and going straight to the Champions League champion was a very big decision. I had other proposals too, but when the Chelsea proposal came and when I saw that the current Champions League champion wanted me as a reinforcement next season, I was very happy. They treated me very well, from the first conversation to the decision to leave. And I’m sure I made the right decision. I was super happy! At the time, I could not even sleep properly.`

The young Brazilian was certainly pleased to be at Chelsea, and he did well on the pitch right from the off. In total Oscar played 203 games for Chelsea, scored 38 goals and made 37 assists. Asked who impressed him during his time in the Premier League and there was one man who stood out,

`It is difficult to speak of a single player. I think a player who passed me, who impressed me a lot is (Frank) Lampard, a guy who trains 100% all the time. In the game, you give your 100% all the time, too. I really enjoyed playing with him, I learned a lot. He impressed me a lot. Not only him, many others, but he is an example of a guy that I trained and saw every day.`

Difficult to argue with that one. When asked about how involved Roman Abramovich was when it came to team matters the answer was a candid one,

`He does not go to day-to-day activities. He, from time to time, goes there (to Chelsea FC) and sees how things are. He is the owner of the club, who loves the club and likes to be inside, always.
Who made my negotiation was Marina (Granovskaia), who is his right arm, who does everything for him. She is the director of the club, too, and does all the negotiations. So she did it all.`

Initially, Oscar started last season in Antonio Conte`s starting XI, after the, now famous, switch in formation, it was more difficult for the Italian to accommodate the creative midfielder…see Cesc Fabregas. Oscar felt he had to move on,

`From the proposal I had, from the situation that was happening to me at the club, too. For having started the season playing every game as a starter. The first eight games I played very well, then I had a League Cup game that I left and the team lost and changed. Then he (Antonio Conte) changed the team’s way of playing in a 3-4-3 and I did not play anymore, I did not have a position to play, because I’m a more offensive midfielder and then changed a lot. So I decided to leave too, but I left the doors open.`

Nothing to do with mega-bucks then. It would appear that less than a year into his China experience, Oscar is getting itchy feet for a return to the Premier League,

`Yes, I would go back! I’m still young, I’m 26 years old yet. Who knows in two, three years to return to the Premier League …. I will be very happy. And preferably for Chelsea, who opened the doors for me to return.`

So, Oscar fancies a return to the Bridge, whilst it`s always good to see old players return to the club, it`s never a given that it will go well. Oscar`s time in China has not been without controversy though, he was retrospectively banned for eight games for kicking a ball at two players during a game back in June. So would you like to see Oscar rejoining Chelsea`s ranks or is it not possible whilst Antonio Conte is in charge.


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