Date: 19th June 2017 at 11:46am
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When the Brazilian midfielder Oscar arrived at Stamford Bridge, he looked as if he had the potential to go on and become a world-beater.

But the initial burst of genius he showed didn`t flourish in the manner in which we expected.

At times it looked as if physically he wasn`t up to the task and that he was too easily knocked off the ball.

The word ‘timid` for some strange reason comes to mind.

I can`t recall Oscar getting involved in many confrontations apart from the odd niggling foul that may have upset the recipient.

But reports are reaching us that in the Chinese Super League, butter wouldn`t melt in his angelic mouth, Oscar, has caused quite a stir.

Playing for Shanghai SIPG against Guangzhou R&F, in a fit of temper Oscar decided it was the done thing to kick the ball, from close range, at not one but two of the opposition players.

In doing so Oscar provoked a brawl that involved players and coaches from both sides.

Now that`s hardly the ‘timid` Oscar I recall from his time with Chelsea!


4 Replies to “Butter Wouldn`t Melt??????”

  • This kind of Thuggish behaviour seems to common to most Brazilian players but I thought Oscar was a gentle guy. Maybe something is really frustrating him. Another gentle Brazilian on pitch that I can remember is Kaka.

  • It seems to me that Oscar is probably not very happy in China, and is intent on making a mockery of the League. I’m guessing that his Chinese opposition aren’t on the same wages, and he’s probably a target. We see what we see on the pitch, but we don’t hear what’s said. Without a stable core of players to insulate him, he’s probably a bit unnerved. Seeing that incident, it’s clear that there is some animosity between the foreign and domestic players. We saw it here, too, before we became so cosmopolitan.

  • My first comment was before I saw the video. After seeing the video, my conclusion is that there is more to the incident than what we see. No player in his right mind would behave as such without some kind of provocation.

  • He’s pretty much *****ed up his career,the china move should never have materialised but what do i know?money is everything now aint it??it seems to me like he hasn’t really come to terms with the reality of that decision he made..poor lad

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