Date: 21st February 2016 at 6:49pm
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“Louis van Gaal has lost the confidence of a group of senior Manchester United players and José Mourinho is their preferred option as his replacement.”

So says The Guardian in a piece by Jamie Jackson and Ed Aarons.

Apparently what these players are particularly unhappy with are the training and tactics.

Er, not sure what else is left?

When “Legohead Louis” – as he is widely known on United social media – was at Barcelona in the mid to late 1990s, a certain young Portuguese former-translator worked as his pupil and assistant.

Probably fair to assume that the self-styled Special One-to-be learnt a lot from the currently far-from-Flying Dutchman.

The two certainly seem to share a certain contempt for the media, Mourinho`s perhaps a teeny bit less po-faced and weeny bit more off-the-wall.

Both also seem to share a certain disciplinarian, my way-or-the-highway bent.

Trouble is, millennial soccer stars seem to decreasingly respond to that kind of approach.

And as those United players above have shown – and several Chelsea players too if the gossip is to be believed – these days it`s increasingly more likely to be the players` way rather than any manager`s.

Either way, seems like Mourinho could be about to jump from one player-powered frying pan into the fire.

If the current cast-iron rumours prove true and Mourinho does indeed go Red he`ll be dead to us so we`ll be able to observe proceedings with an air of detachment.

But what an irony it would be if the Easily Combustible One has actually been taking stock and enters Old Trafford as the Cuddly Patient Avuncular One.

Can`t see it myself.

My money`s on Mourinho v Rooney, The Rumble in The Moss Side Jungle.

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