Date: 3rd November 2017 at 2:38pm
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There’s a book called ‘The Phantom Tolbooth` that many of us read in our childhood.

In one memorable sequence, our hero Milo eats a dish called ‘subtraction stew`: the more you eat, the hungrier you get.

I always think of subtraction stew when I see Fabregas on the field in front of Luiz and Cahill.

All three of these Chelsea stalwarts are in their thirties and it shows, big time.

As does the enormous value of N`Golo Kante – probably the only player in world football whose presence gives those two fading defensive talents any right to be playing at this level.

But with Cesc, aka the human turnstile in midfield, new boy Bakayoko is simply overwhelmed by his slew of duties.

And it`s not as if the veteran Spaniard playmaker has earned his right to play by laying on goal after goal.

Of course he plays a pretty-looking ball here and there, but nothing earth-shattering.

The only shattering sound we can hear every game is Chelsea’s defensive glass jaw getting smashed into smithereens each and every time Luiz/Cahill is called upon to do something challenging.

If Drinkwater is available tomorrow and The Don plays Fabregas – against Man United! – I`ll watch the game between my now customarily knitted-together fingers.


31 Replies to “CESC + CAHILL + LUIZ = DISASTER”

  • Even though he is an AM , i would add Willian to the list , his sublime passes to the opposi team almost make him a 12 th man . Basically we are awful without Kante

  • The three bad eggs, well I can make it five bad eggs, cahill, fabregas, luiz, alonso and willian. conte should do everything possible 2 drop cahil, fabregas, those two are very vital and are disasters.

  • Opposing team I meant , now Fab claims they are exhausted already , in 2012 most of our old team were all in their 30s , never gave up , played 2/3 games a week , now we have this lot who can barely manage one , flirt with other teams when things are not going well , Tbo and Azpil are the only leaders left or at least seem to care . A Chelsea team that just gave up after going 2?0 down , what a disgrace t

  • I remember when Big Phil talked about plan B and every football analyst and Chelsea fan out there became obsessed with ‘Plan B’. All Big Phil wanted was Robinho but unfortunately it became the only recruitment and tactical strategy that we lived by and eventually Big Phile died by it. He was also a winner but reality was he simply couldn?t coach players like Didier! We bought Anelka and the whole football fraternity said we couldn?t play him and Didier together. This and many CFC boards were awash with that narrative. Guus then came and showed us not only could those 2 play together but also introduced an offensive formation! Then Carlo came with his ?diamond? and all we were talking about was the ?tip of the diamond?. All of Ballack, Lampard, Malouda, Deco, Belletti struggled because Carlo wanted to recreate his AC Milan with Kaka, Gattuso, Seedorff and Pirlo instead of getting the best solution for what we had. Turns out all he had to do was ditch that system and we scored the most number of goals in the EPL ever that season! Next came AVB with his ?High Line?. Again all we ever talked about was how our defenders could not play the ?High Line? and we had to go out there and buy so and so! We then went through a 4 season period where we grappled with the ?PIVOT?! Again all we had to do was to ditch it! On top of that the ?new type of #10?, the RW who could track back which incidentally is the same as today?s RWB. The problem is we are now witnessing all of the problems from Big Phil to last year at once: zonal marking leading to goals at set pieces +PIVOT leading to no offense and no defense+tracking back for R/LWB+failure to break parked buses+ high line.

  • If Drinkwater is available tomorrow and The Don plays Fabregas – against Man United! – Then the Don is an imbecilic idiot who is bent on deliberately ruining everything he’s built here….How many starts does fabregas has last season?….. And yet we were solid, precise and get the job done..fabregas on many occasions comes on in the 2nd half against a weakened opposition… How on earth is it that we fans sees that a midfield combination isn’t working but a professional manager don’t..

  • In as much as I totally agree that Fabregas is poor, the bigger issue is playing 2 midfielders vs 3! Last season we complained Kante was not good enough vs top teams and mourned all season that Matic was useless. Here is exactly what TC said that went unnoticed ?The likes of Cesc and Tiémoué Bakayoko are having to play a lot of games and that impacts on their legs,? Thibaut Courtois said. ?It?s harder for them to keep up the pressure, especially when we find ourselves up against three midfielders.? Its no just drop in form for Matic, Fabregas(who is a #10 asked to play in the pivot), but Bakayoko is also already looking clueless and most importantly its what led to Kante’s injury! I listen to CFC fans cry about Fabregas playing in a defensive role….thats like Pirlo, Frank Lampard, Xavi or Iniesta being played in a 2man defensive mid role! Its ridiculous in the first place! Maybe one or 2 games…

  • Once Kante and Drinkwater are both fully fit that will be the Chelsea midfield going forward. The media forget they win the Premier League for Leicester but they haven’t played together for Chelsea. If we could then get Morata to stop missing sitters we could start fighting for second place along with Man Utd and Spurs. Let’s face it. Unless Man City implode nobody is catching them.

  • The only way Cesc starts that match on Sunday is if we are playing a midfield 3. Even at that, Cesc has started so many games lately that I feel he will be much better off starting from the bench on Sunday. Lets start with a midfield 2 of Kante – Drinkwater or a midfield 3 of Bakayoko – Kante – Drinkwater. Whatever we do, we need to be solid in the middle of the park on Sunday, because Mourinho has good counter attacking players and our CBs are have not been covering themselves in glory of late, so our midfield has to be tight solid.

  • What is wrong with these Italian managers at Chelsea, Ancelot had an English assistant in Wilkins and everything was fine he won us the league, then Wilkins was sacked and everything broke down. Conte Holland as his assistant and everything was ok he won us the league, then Holland goes and everything seems to be breaking down. Can someone explain. To be honest, when Jose was sacked I thought we should have given Holland a chance before calling Hiddink. I think Holland have Chelsea blood and he can manage the team better.

  • It’s already obvious that conte wants to go from hero to zero, if not why is he bent on starting Cahill and Fabregas who are utterly useless. I wonder to why Conte doesn’t see what we see- Cahill, Fabregas, Alonso and Willian.

  • To be honest I don’t know why Cahill has been targeted so much by the fans if not for the fact that he is the captain. Take some statistics of Chelsea games this season you will find that three-quarters of goals we have conceded Azipilicueta and Luiz were at fault.

  • Conte confirming cahill starting is the end of the game. I wished he could see wat d fans are seeing, conte is just bent in ruing everything he has done.

  • When the results are bad we will always have a scapegoat or in this situation;many scapegoats.Everybody’s got their own scapegoat,some would say the coach,some would say the board,others would point at the players but I feel the bad results is the main reason for this and not the players’ performance per say.

  • The problem with our team is laziness. Most of our players are very lazy. We only talk of Fabregas and maybe Willian because theirs is very obvious. The only players I see running always among them are Kante and Pedro and maybe Hazard sometimes.

  • I wouldn’t play nor cesc, nor Baka. They have too many games, are not 100% fit, playing out of position. I would play Kante and DD, Luiz, if it is a 3 man midfield, or Kante doesn’t start. Also, I am ver disapointed, at Cahill starting, meaning AC won’t. AC has done everything to deserve to start and he hasn’t even started at Bournemouth?! Luiz with broken rist, with no rotation. Does Anonio has him for only when half of defense is suspended or injured?

  • A mistake is also cahill and alonso on the left side of the defense and baka and cesc in 2 man midfield.

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