Date: 4th August 2018 at 10:14am
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Another day is here and there are yet more media column inches relating to the future of Thibaut Courtois.

With the closure of the Premier League transfer window drawing closer by the day, it appears that Chelsea are set to continue to play hardball when it comes to selling the 26-year-old Belgian goalkeeper.

In summarising the situation, it appears that Chelsea will not sell Courtois unless the following conditions are met;

1 – Real Madrid come up with an offer that Chelsea believe is acceptable for one of the top keepers in the world


2 – The club are able to recruit a suitable replacement.

However, with Courtois, seemingly, continuing to push for his dream move, it appears, according to the news source, the Sun that Courtois’ agent Christophe Henrotay is doing his utmost to convince Chelsea to sell the player with our referenced source carrying the following remarks attributed to Henrotay,

“I have been reading everywhere that Chelsea are saying it is up to Thibaut, but he has made it clear to the club that the best option for him is to move to Madrid.

“For him this is a big decision because he wants to be near his family, and there is an offer in place for Chelsea to accept.”

Yes, there may be an offer, but it is, clearly, not of a sufficient magnitude to settle the conditions we’ve already laid out.

Meanwhile, when pressed on the subject of Courtois, ahead of the Community Shield clash with Manchester City, on Sunday, Maurizio Sarri is quoted by our source as having commented,

“At the moment Courtois is the goalkeeper of Chelsea.

“I don’t know in the future. It depends on the club, it depends especially on him, but I hope Courtois will be our goalkeeper.”

Delving into the world of social media, it appears that Courtois has taken some drastic action of his own to try and push through a move;

Whilst another posting adds something else to the plot;

Whilst another confirm what we, here at Vital Chelsea stated earlier in the article;

We could be in for an interesting few days ahead of the summer transfer window closing.

Have you any idea as to how the scenario is going to end?

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4 Replies to “Chelsea Begged To Show Compassion As The Closure Of The Summer Transfer Window Approaches”

  • Sell him already. I am tired of seeing this cry baby of boy in our colour. I have always known he wouldn’t be a legend here.

  • SIMPLE SOLUTION: We are led to believe by the whinging Courtois, that he is desperate to return to Madrid because his young sons live there. Well Chelsea should insist that he signs a new extended contract, so that the club can receive the correct market value for the player (not the derisory figure being offered by Real Madrid). Once the new contract is signed, he is loaned out to Rayo Vallecano the 3rd football club in Madrid, so that he can be close to his family, until Real or Atletic come in with a more acceptable offer. Otherwise stick him on the bench without a game for 12 months. Over to you Thibaut, your decision will reveal your true reasoning . You get your dream, the club get their money.

  • I’d rather he just go, and take Abramovich with him. The sooner the lot of them are gone, the sooner we can get on with football. Couldn’t care less if we get a price for the little rotten shit, or if Dear Leader gets his money. No cares. As long as both problems get solved.

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