Date: 27th March 2018 at 10:11pm
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Time for a bit of poll housekeeping. If we believe all we read, Antonio Conte`s number is nearly up at Stamford Bridge. Should that occur, it will be a sad ending to what was a promising first season.

The favourite to replace the Italian is the ex-Barcelona boss Luis Enrique. Whilst many fans won`t want to see Conte go, they`ll know it`s almost inevitable under Roman Abramovich`s regime that there will be a change.

In terms of the poll, we asked the route one question. Luis Enrique to Chelsea? We kept it simple, providing just two choices.

⦁ Yes Please!!
⦁ No Thanks!!

There wasn`t much between the two options when the votes were added up.The Spaniard just got the Vital Chelsea nod of approval with 52% voting Yes Please!!

According to Transfermarkt, Enrique`s managerial career so far, has seen him take charge of 306 games. He has won 191 of those, drawn 49 and lost 66.

Having retired as a Barcelona player in 2004, he began his career as a coach with Barcelona B before moving on to Roma, where he spent just one season. Another short spell at Celta Vigo was followed by a return to the Catalans senior side.

Most interesting for Chelsea supporters, is probably that Enrique`s favoured playing formation is 4-3-3. Chelsea defence in recent games has been crying out for a move to a back four.

There`s no denying Antonio Conte`s use of a back three worked last season, but with other managers adopting it, his reluctance to revert back has frustrated fans at times during his difficult second season.

Of course that left 48% who voted No Thanks!! to the possibility of Enrique arriving.

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5 Replies to “Chelsea Fans Have Their Say On Enrique”

  • I voted no, id rather Tuchel. Which brings to mind, this firing of managers has to end .It was ok with the first team because Mourinho built a team to last, managers came and went, team carried on . Since 2012/13 the team has declined, of course we have won two titles, but the constant managerial turnover is bad for youth, we get stuck with players like Moses. We have no identity, philosophy anymore, teams are no longer scared of us, all our records have gone. And if we miss top 4, it could be a while before we get back. All the teams ahead of us will have new or expanded stadiums, and CL football, which we will not have the revenue to match . Funny enough Gourlay left in 2012/13 and that coincides with our decline, the titles have paved over the cracks, no matter how smart Granovskaia is, she is not a football person. She is great on the commercial stuff, but not the football side . Ok that is my rant for the day, and nothing you have not read/heard before .

  • I wonder who the “ghosts”” are that vote on the polls at vital chelsea. Many of these polls come out with spurious results. For me, I am on the “keep Conte for one more year” train, although I have to admit that it now looks very very unlikely that Conte will stay beyond the end of this season and so the manager merigoround is set to continue. Of all the names being thrown around, Sarri is interesting, but I dont see him leaving Napoli, there is absolutely no reason for him to leave. Add that to the fact that he has an 8m release clause, which makes it even more difficult for chelsea, seeing that we are in full blown austerity mode and there are other coaches the club knows it can get for free. In my view, while most of the other names I am hearing we are linked with are underwhelming, Tuchel intrigues me the most, followed by Jardim. BIG NO to Luiz Enrique, Barca is not chelsea, we need a coach that can extract the maximum (much greater than sum of the parts) from a team0 already littered with quite a number of average players and aging world class players. Again, its Tuchel or Jardim for me with Ocampus (hopefully) as the new DOF, to free Marina from footballing matters so she can concentrate on the business side of things.

  • I tot agree with you Layorh 12, let’s be honest any average coach with Messi, Neymar and Suarez at their disposal could have done the same thing. We need a coach who can build a team not inherit one cos as it stands there’s no team to inherit. Just a couple of useless players and players playing without their hearts to do away with

  • Exactly we do need a team builder, not someone who inherited the best team in the world .

  • This is the same excuse/complaints we gave for Guardiola. The simple truth is, a coach is as good as his players. Whoever comes in should be able to identify good players, and not just players from country/league he has worked only.

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