Date: 17th May 2018 at 12:57pm
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Chelsea’s last home game of the 2017 / 2018 season, will be remembered for two things.

Firstly, the 1-1 draw ensured that Huddersfield Town retained their Premier League status, a tremendous achievement orchestrated by their boss, David Wagner.

Secondly, as the half-time whistle blew, there was a confrontation that took place with several of the Chelsea side, led by Willian, confronting the referee, Lee Mason, with regards to the referee blowing for half-time when Willian was on the verge of taking a corner.

It was clearly believed that the kick should have been allowed to be taken, courtesy of the continual time wasting tactics displayed by the visitors.

The confrontation was nowhere near as ugly as some I’ve witnessed but you just knew that the authorities would clamp down and a charge of failing to ensure the players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion landed on the Stamford Bridge doormat.

Yesterday, it was announced that Chelsea, as a result of the charge, had been fined the princely sum of £20,000.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and discuss the merit or severity of the fine but I would like to point out that, as a football fan, I’d be appreciative of those who run our game if they were to initiate a drive, next season, to eliminate time-wasting from the sport.

Nothing is more irritable than seeing sides run down the clock with what is, basically, a blatant act of cheating.

Perhaps clubs would get the message if the fourth official held up his board and the stoppage time was double-figures!

It may sound a strange call and it may be a call you object to but remember football is now an entertainment industry and with admission prices forever increasing, the product needs to be near perfect!

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