Date: 12th October 2017 at 11:58am
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Times have certainly changed when it comes to the food served at football grounds.

Back in the old days, I can recall visiting the ‘Tea Bar` in the Shed and being served something that defied description, it used to be referred to as a Chelsea Death-burger, you really did feel like you were taking your life into your own hands when devouring one.

But times change, football moved away from the working class and associated itself with the more-wealthy amongst the community.

Corporate dining is now all the rage, it`s a growing clientele, with it being a very lucrative financial revenue stream.

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to go on the stadium tour, at Stamford Bridge, will have ventured into the press room, it is an impressive facility, but not something I`ve had the joy of sampling on a match-day.

But it seems that those who do frequent the press room are given food that is the envy of those who attend most others.

The reason I say that is that Brazilian journalists, according to the Brazilian media vehicle, UOL, have picked Arsenal, Manchester City and ourselves as the clubs that offer the best food to the press.

But, whilst that is an award to be proud of, the referenced source carries a lovely little rider which when related to the award suggests the award has been won in a country whose,

“Cuisine has never been among the hottest in the world.”

Don`t you just love it!

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