Date: 20th January 2014 at 7:39am
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It was a great win for us against United, and I simply loved the game.

I love the impact Jose’s influence and managerial ability is leaving on the team. I would want to share certain points with the VC fraternity here.

1. I simply loved the way we were handling pressure. The Chelsea of the previous times would normally crumble against such pressure and pressing, but we weathered the storm and hit back magnificently.

2. We managed decent possession in this high paced game, so even though I won’t give a 10 on 10 to our lads for possession but still it was vastly improved.

3. We don’t give up now. Every game that we win or draw or lose, our boys fight till the end. This attitude went missing from our team quite a while back and I can date this back to the Ancelotti’s time when the team would just lay bare while the likes of Sunderland would hit three against us and we won’t respond. [That game still hurts]

4. As I have been saying this for many seasons that we cannot have Mikel/Lampard and Ramires in the same team, as these three are not compatible to one another so only one should play at a time. It`s nice to see that from the moment we have had one of the three playing, with someone else alongside in the pivot the midfield looks totally different. Even though Luiz isn’t world class in his performances but still is showing the point that I had been making for quite some time. I so want to give an ‘I told you so speech’ since I have had debates upon debates on this issue but not many were agreeing but it`s the happy hour and no point rubbing it in.

5. I have always advocated here that strikers weren’t our problem. I have written many articles here on the subject, so no need to explain why. But guess what? Our strikers are scoring in every game now since we changed the pivot and the point 4 of the article which i think was the main issue our strikers weren’t scoring.

6. The three amigos behind the strikers were very unpredictable for the opposition for the first time this season. They weren’t cutting in every time. This is what caused the biggest problem to the United defense. All three were excellent in their work rate and penetrative. They also provided to each other and weren’t shooting on first sight at goal.

7. Very strong signs that the players are gelling in as a ‘team’ playing for one another as well as for themselves and not going for personal glory every time.

8. We aren’t there yet, but we are getting there. The team is looking more and more solid and difficult to beat every game.

I say Jose has done a magnificent job. Well, I guess the KING’s team is finally showing his signature.