Date: 11th February 2018 at 11:35am
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Although Antonio Conte is still the head-coach at Chelsea Football Club, the speculation surrounding his long-term future continues to generate column inches.

Indeed, the last week or so has seen the name of the former Barcelona boss, Luis Enrique, emerge as the reputed next, preferred, incumbent of the role.

However, with Enrique taking a year-long sabbatical from the game, it appears that Chelsea may not have it all their own way when it comes to persuading the highly successful ex-Barcelona boss to come to Stamford Bridge.

The Spanish news source, Mundo Deportivo is reporting that another Premier League club has aspirations of appointing Enrique.

According to our referenced source, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger could be set to go their separate ways this summer, either with Wenger leaving the club or moving upstairs.

The Arsenal hierarchy are looking towards Luis Enrique as the perfect replacement for the Frenchman.

Which begs me to ask the question, if you were Luis Enrique which role would you choose?

Would you take the Chelsea job knowing it comes with its own unique set of complications or would you opt for the Arsenal role where, quite probably, you`ll be allowed time to restore the club to its former heights?

See where I`m coming from!


11 Replies to “Chelsea Have a Rival for Luis Enrique”

  • Luis Enrique would be a fool to take the job – unless he can get a nice clause inserted into his contract, with a huge pay out if he’s sacked. It can be his “money” year, and then off to the real job…

  • He is not going to get immediate success with this team, (sure they won the title last year, partially because of no European football, and our rivals having an off season) , City and Liverpool are already recruiting for next season, and we do not even have a manager .

  • That’s exactly the point, Michael Reid. If you don’t want to conduct a club like a proper footballing dynasty, then don’t pretend to know what you’re doing – and certainly don’t pursue your deluded madness, in spite of the people who actually do. I’ll never sing the praises of Manchester Blue, but one certainly has to wonder if they know what they’re doing over there. If it’s just a business, for Christ sake, run it like a proper one… If not, then run it like you love football, AND the people who actually play/played it!

  • Solid that def saddens me, it’s quite clear that Man City respect and treat their coaches way better than CFC.

  • @Pavel – the back story is that Pep Guardiola didn’t want anything to do with Chelsea, not because he wouldn’t have total control, but rather because he wanted to go to a club that was open to input from everyone, as to how to make things run better. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, much respect. He apparently thrives on transparency, and true teamwork. As in, every opinion matters. It’s interesting that Man City have no problem bringing on personnel – managers and players – seemingly at will. Per the article that I just posted, and per my own observations for several years, we couldn’t attract a top player to save our lives. Now that isn’t really the big concern for me. I don’t need a marquee signing every position. What’s worrisome, is that given the financial outlay, and the way Abramovich took the EPL by storm, he should be light years ahead of where he is today. I wonder why he isn’t… Hmmm… Could it be that he’s a tyrant with no real vision? Could it be that he’s more interested in control, than the noble pursuit? Or that if he could just pay the money, and be handed the trophies, he would? Honestly, he reminds me of some of the math students I went to university with. They’d pay the money for the degree, and then either pay someone to do the work, or do just enough to earn the honor. They were never really invested in doing the hard work – in mastering the fundamentals, or respecting those whose work paved the way for their inclusion. It’s disgusting!

  • I also think RA and his advisors also thought they had a full proof system planned when they were pro FFP and buying/selling youth to make ends meet. They thought it would hamper City, but it is evident that the plan backfired.

  • He was with Barcelona Messi and all a much different prospect than coming here he couldn?t cope this would be like being sent to the Russian front

  • I can’t wait to see the next schmuck led to slaughter. (professionally speaking) Oh, the good times we’ll have. If this conversation has been building, just wait until it happens again. We’ve got a full head of steam now!

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