Date: 16th July 2017 at 9:30am
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Sometimes you pick up on a piece of transfer speculation and it leaves you startled.

This morning (Sunday) just that has happened.

Lurking in the media, courtesy of the Italian news vehicle, Tuttosport, is the suggestion that Chelsea are looking towards the Argentine striker, Gonzalo Higuain to ease their striker crisis.

Furthermore, our referenced source is suggesting that Chelsea have offered a whopping £88 million for the Juventus striker.

Now my opening gambit in this article mentioned a piece of transfer speculation leaving you startled, this piece does for two reasons:

1 – Does anyone seriously believe that Chelsea would offer that kind of a fee for somebody who is 30-years-of-age at their next birthday.


2 – If the bid was genuine, would Juventus not have snapped our hands off taken the money and invested it?

Your thoughts on the above would be most appreciated in our comments facility beneath this article.


11 Replies to “Chelsea Have Huge Bid for Striker Rejected”

  • Can’t see it at that price media made up rubbish to make it look like no one will deal with us ,Manchester biased paper or editor

  • Hogwash.. they would have taken that money in a heart beat and invest it in Belloti. Roman would never sanction that kind of crazy deal.

  • meanwhile back at the ranch chelsea seemingly interested in Aguero. a player that spends more time in the sick bay than Dr McCoy

  • I just read a rumour that Chelsea is interested in Kuna Aguero and Pep has given a green light. This cannot be true. If it is, I will strongly urge our board to go aggressively for him. In my opinion, he is better than a lot of these striker and I’d pay £75M for him before I pay half of it for Lukaku. It would be a blessing for us.

  • You are correct @Blue_Mel. Except that I dont believe Arsenal would want to sell Sanchez to us. In fact from what is playing out now, I don’t believe any PL team would be willing to sell us their players. Even those teams we graciously loan sour players to.

  • That is the media for you, Someone will just sit down and imagine some stories and put one and two together to publish.

  • Chelsea made enquiry of him but definitely not at that price. You see? I am now a journalist.

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