Date: 4th May 2020 at 8:30am
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We are already into the month of May and can honestly anyone say that they can see a definite restart for the 2019 / 2020 Premier League season?

Okay, everybody has their own opinion but some of the solutions being proposed make me smile.

Over the weekend two scenarios surfaced.

The first was that the remaining fixtures would be played at a neutral ground whereas the second inferred that the whole shebang could decamp to Australia where the remaining games could be carried out.

Let’s take a look at the first scenario.

Is it a scenario that would get your backing?

Is it right to force those teams that had more home games left than away games to decamp to a neutral ground, even if these games are going to be played behind closed doors?

Let’s take a look at the second scenario.

Is decamping to the other side of the world something you’d approve of?

Are you really in favour of completing the ENGLISH Premier League in Australia?

My view is that the season should be ended NOW!

Give Liverpool, however much it grates me to say so, their first Premier League title, don’t relegate teams and, for one season only, increase the size of the Premier League with more teams relegated next season.

While the country remains in the grip of this pandemic and nobody knows precisely when self-distancing and a move towards a normal life is going to come of the agenda then football really does take a back seat.

Void the season now and dedicate it to all those poor souls who have lost the fight against COVID-19, you know it makes sense.

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4 Replies to “Chelsea – Just Declare It’s All Over And Dedicate It To The Fallen”

  • it’s a good idea to crown liverpool the title then don’t relegate any team but increase the teams to 22 with it in mind to relegate 4 teams at the end of the new season.

  • No Merlin none of that is fair
    Either do it on average points per game or devise a table where everyone played each team once, regardless of whether it was home or away
    Nothing anyone comes up with will be 100% fair and I reckon that there’s bound to be legal challenges to whatever is decided by majority votes so really nothing is going to work, in which case abandon the season

  • Spot on Merlin! That does have knock on effects down the leagues and it probably means that clubs like Norwich get a bit lucky but so be it, that’s better than relegating teams without giving them a fair chance via some algorithm which simply can’t be fair, the very nature of football being that it is unpredictable, especially with the bottom clubs who start beating the Champions League clubs week in week out as the specter of relegation looms ever larger (isn’t that unpredictability partly why we love it?). The Australia idea is beneath contempt and neutral grounds isn’t as fair as it sounds at first. With fewer home than away games left for us, it would actually suit Chelsea but part of the point of playing 2 games against every other club in a league is that you get home advantage in one of them, to take that away is not fair (in the same way, it’s not fair on ManYoo because it helps us when our run in is harder). It is hugely painful to give Liverpool the title but it would be a miscarriage of footballing justice on a monumental scale if they weren’t to win it (I’d have backed Leicester to win the title in August 2015 more readily than I’d bet on Liverpool not winning it now) and besides, we can always rib them that they didn’t actually win it, just 3/4 of it!!! Frankly, none of it really matters when people are dying in their thousands and if it wasn’t for the obscene amounts of money involved, they wouldn’t even be contemplating finishing the season. Frank, as ever, spoke very well on it, it would not sit at all well if footballers and staff were being tested regularly whilst other vulnerable members of society we not being tested. Football may be a multi billion pound industry but it must know (and accept) its place.

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