Date: 5th August 2018 at 5:11pm
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Manchester City

Wembley Stadium

Community Shield

5/08/2018 3:00 pm

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Chelsea Manchester City
Aguero 13, 58
Caballero Bravo
Azpilicuta Walker
David Luiz Stones 95
Rudiger Laporte 87
Alonso Mendy
Fabregas 60 Foden 76
Jorginho Ferdandinho
Barkley Bernard Silva
Pedro 79 Mahrez 68
Morata 69 Aguero 80
Hudson-Odoi 59 Sane 45


Bulka Ederson
Drinkwater 60 Kompany 80
Moses 79 Gundogan 45
Abraham 69 Otamendi 87
Zappacosta Gabriel Jesus 68
Willian 59 Diaz 76
Christensen Gomes 95

Game Statistics

6 Goal attempts 18
2 On Target 9
4 Corners 4
6 Fouls 10
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
47 % 53

At Wembley this afternoon Chelsea did very little to suggest they can challenge for major silverware this season as they out-played by a Manchester City side who looked far better in all departments than us.

Maurizio Sarri was restricted as to who he could select with several players, including Kante, Hazard and Courtois, still not back in the fold after the recent World Cup.

Under the blazing sun, with temperatures hitting the 30-degree Celsius mark, it was Manchester City that were to create the first chances. With, inside the first five minutes Mahrez seeing his shot blocked and Sane seeing his shot go wide.

With just 13 minutes gone City took the lead through Sergio Aguero. The goal was created by Silva and Foden and when Rudiger left Aguero some space the Argentine striker drilled a low shot through the legs of Rudiger and into the bottom corner of the net.

As the half wore on Hudson-Odoi started to feature more, the youngster showcasing his skills before firing high and wide and then testing Bravo, in the City goal, with another shot. City though had certainly had the better of the first forty-five minutes and deservedly led at the break.

Sarri made no changes to his starting eleven at half-time.

Early in the half Aguero had a great chance to double the lead but Caballero did well to force the striker wide and his shot hit the side-netting. Caballero was then forced into a save as Foden threatened to increase City’s lead.

City’s pressure paid dividends with 58 minutes played when Aguero got his second goal of the game to make it 2-0. The goal coming after Hudson-Odoi had lost the ball, Stones stepped out of defence, found Gundogan who found Silva and the final ball to Aguero saw the Chelsea net ripple.

On the hour mark, Sarri made two changes taking Hudson-Odoi and Fabregas off and introducing Willian and Drinkwater.

Chelsea, looking to get back into the game, saw Pedro drag a shot wide. A third change, with 20 minutes left, saw Abraham come on for Morata.

Despite the changes, Chelsea were still offering very little with City still looking the better side, a point emphasised when Caballero was asked to produce a good save to deny Aguero his hat-trick.

City continued to probe, and Diaz went close when his shot hit the side-netting.

A fourth change, by Sarri, with 9 minutes of normal time left, saw Moses introduced but still it was all City when it came to attacking with Diaz forcing Caballero into a save. Caballero was then forced to save from Jesus as City looked for a third goal.

As the game entered its final couple of minutes Barkley provided a cross for Abraham to get on the end of but Bravo eventually dealt with the danger.

Four minutes of added on time were announced and there was still time for City to threaten with Caballero, once again, doing well to thwart Diaz.

Thankfully, the final whistle ended the torture and Sarri has a week to correct things before Chelsea head to Huddersfield for their first Premier League game of the 2018 / 2019 season.


28 Replies to “Chelsea Just Not Up To Scratch As Manchester City Claim The Community Shield”

  • Felt our defenders were way too slow to play a high line …. Not a good showing, let’s see next week

  • A woeful performance! Central defence a poor partnership, we have other options. Emerson must come in at Full back. Morata and Fabregas must now be history, I would probably include Drinkwater as well. If we do not sign a Central Striker, could Hudson-Odoi or Barkley do a job in this role. Clearly even top four could be ambitious but can become achievable, Chelsea are a work in progress, we can only hope for the 2019/2020 season but will Sarri still be with us?

  • Don’t even know where to begin it was that bad. Let’s not forget like Chelsea Man City also had several key players missing, so no excuses there. To date we’ve signed a decent midfielder & an ageing goalkeeper. This squad of players are simply not good enough. I had hoped that we would’ve signed Sarri much earlier and let him choose his squad but no, some things never change.

  • So city had debruyne, company, stones, walker, mendi but ours are yet to report. When they know Chelsea has a new coach, and will need time to work with the players they couldn’t make that little bit of sacrifice. I have never sehen a less committed bunch like the these lads. I hear lingard, and lukaku have also reported. Shame

  • I will. They both suck horribly when no service is offered. And as it stands, neither of them have any premier league goals on the season, so… Besides, wasn’t Lukaku the “true blue” who always wanted to play for Manchester United? Or am I mistaken? Because if you recall, it was as much about his character, as it was his heavy footed brand of hoofball.

  • The point everyone should have taken away from this match, is the comparison in how clubs are run. Have you see all the adverts for Man City, with the club behind the scenes? The involvement? The glorification of the club, and its personnel? No sour grapes for Guardiola not coming here. Never wanted him. I respect him as a professional, and he would have been wasted here. Kudos to him, for making a good choice. He chose a club that wanted him for what he could offer, and who would use him to his strengths. They didn’t buy him up like a chess pawn, and say, “win game or hit road” (you have to imagine the Russian accent). Will never be a Man City fan, but I give them Kudos for club management. This is what every fan should be wishing for. A well oiled machine, that has a real football culture. But hey… We’ve got “Funball”! Yay!!! Now watch them steamroll the league again, and ask yourself how much still love Abramovich. His money only worked, when nobody else was throwing it down!

    • Not a fan of Guardiola either but he obviously realised that managers have little to no autonomy at CFC, he avoided us like the plague.

  • I don’t think that this team will carry Chelsea to anywhere this season if care is not taking,if u don’t allow this coach to buy the type of players he need don’t let board interfere about to buy players at all.we have somebody as a coach not board the work of board in the team is different to the work of coach.please let board face there work and let coach face there work,see Manchester-City now we don’t trying to score a goal ho my God is a pity.

  • I don’t think that this team will carry Chelsea to anywhere this season if care is not taking,if u don’t allow this coach to buy the type of players he need don’t let board interfere about to buy players at all.we have somebody as a coach not board the work of board in the team is different to the work of coach.please let board face there work and let coach face there work,see Manchester-City now we don’t even trying to score a goal..yeh Ho My God is a pity.

  • That was poor we looked a mess totally outplayed forget challenging them we are going to have to challenge for top four but that could be out of our grasp but who knows,feel sorry for Sarri he won’t get players he wants so how can he do his job,it’s looking very worrying Roman should have sold the club in the summer for someone to try and establish some sort of structure but hey that’s my opinion

  • It’s apparent that we need at least a CM before the transfer window shuts otherwise we are in trouble.

  • It’s apparent that we need at least a CM before the transfer window shuts otherwise we are in trouble

  • @Black Russian – you are absolutely correct w/regards to your comments about Guardiola. In fact, his players gush when then they speak of him, and you get the general impression that they’d take a bullet for him. All of the player comments include “the manager”, but not in a way that’s associated with glumness or controversy. Wouldn’t that be nice to hear in the 3rd season of the same person in charge?

  • And I wonder how anyone could build such a team repertoire… Hmm. It’s almost like whatever we have been doing, doesn’t quite work…

  • I have noticed it the last few years, the pre-season is a farce, all about branding and getting more global fans, when pre-season should be about getting the squad ready to start with gusto and energy. Our lot look like they are still on holiday, some of them still are (even though the WC finished a month ago)!! Their fitness isn’t honed yet, so what have they been doing for the 6 weeks? It all seems so casual, and that can be seen in their performance. Maybe most of these players feel they are a shoe-in to their positions, they lack proper competition for their place. It used to be said you need 2 first class footballers for each position, at Chelsea at the moment, you are lucky (and you can count them on one hand) if you are getting 1. I seriously don’t feel that any of these players bleed blue, they are just collecting their exorbitant wage packets with minimum amount of effort or diligence.

  • Interesting enough this will also be a test to see if Sarri is flexible enough to work with any personnel. Everyone that wanted Conte gone just for the sake of change really didn’t understand as to how much tinkering he really did.

  • Sarri is a shit manager. The fact that he ended up here, is a testament to the fact that Abramovich has burned almost all bridges in the football world. He will be flexible enough to work with anyone, but it will be for nought, since he hasn’t got what it takes to take the club (any club) anywhere. If anything is won under this clown, it will be in the same way that the UCL was won under DiMatteo. That wasn’t really masterclass – it was just the man saying, “fuck it, we don’t have a chance – do whatever you want to do”.

  • We are looking like Newcastle, but at least their owner is selling them, we have a mix of aging players, players not good enough, we are just a complete mess right now.
    Best thing that could happen to us is to be sold .

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