Date: 10th December 2017 at 7:18pm
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I love Antonio Conte, but he`s a very much a ‘glass is half empty` kind of guy at the moment. His negativity throughout the season in the interviews he gives is very much reflected in how the team on the field play. His attitude is giving the players the excuse they need to underperform.

Obviously off the back of a poor performance, such as Saturday`s against West Ham, comes the talk of Conte`s imminent departure. Spanish media outlet Don Balon are partial to a bit of speculation and with the help of Google translate we`re able get a handle on what they have had to say.

It`s their, unsubstantiated belief, that Roman Abramovich has already decided Conte`s fate and that the Russian will dismiss the Italian as soon as Chelsea have been knocked out of the Champions League.

This may be lost in translation but the story also states that Abramovich cannot stand Conte. With that in mind Chelsea`s people have been in touch with former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique about taking over. Currently in the market for work having left the Catalans in the summer, the Spaniard has supposedly already dismissed Arsenal as a possible next move.

With Chelsea having lost a quarter of their league games so far this season, Conte has ruled his team out of the title race. With Manchester City extending their lead at the top of the Premier League this afternoon, that may well be the case.

Ultimately, it`s something we all realise, but quit the moaning, motivate the players and get on with winning games and stop making excuses. With the draw for the knock-out stage of the Champions League coming up tomorrow, we`ll find out soon it is before he`s on his way.

The draw takes place at 11am GMT in the morning at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. The good news for Conte is, if Don Balon are right, is that the second legs of those ties will not be until mid-march.


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  • The title race is over in the middle of December. We don’t press the opposition. Why do we not press?

  • I am sure Conte made that statement out of frustration. Ordinarily it could be argued that a team is competitive with an average of two points per game. The reality though is that when a team is playing like MC is doing now, it is difficult to catch up with them. My take is this. Chelsea as a club needs to sit down and have a very sober reflection. Over the years, especially during Abrahamovic ownership, we have changed many managers and sold many good players, some rightly and some regrettably. Yet, we find ourselves lagging behind in forming a formidable team. I am not going to put the blame on any door step but I know the manager is not the major problem if at all. Where was Chelsea when MC was putting together these fantastic players? I?ll tell you. We were doing good business. Look at Aguero and Yaya Toure. They have been virtually replaced by the likes of Sane, Sterling and De Bruyne. Yet they are still around to beef up the team. We have hired almost all the good managers around and our situation has not improved. Our management doesn?t believe in strengthening the team, especially after a successful season. It shows that Changing managers Is not the solution. People will tell you a Pep is the best manager in the League. Really? Tell me a manager that would not win with the team MC ha now. We need to look inwards and search for what our problems are. And I think one is our haste in cashing in on our good players. We need to retain our good players.

  • I’ll tell you where we got it wrong imo @Theo… We went more than hundred steps backward when we hired Jose Mourinho the second time. It was a wrong decision not because Jose isn’t a good coach, but because he’s the wrong coach for us at that period. Jose is a resulted oriented coach and is never interested in developing/improving players or building a sustainable team for the future. He’s a coach that is more interested in draining/sucking out every bit of talent/impetus/zeal in a player and then leaves the player empty. He does this and leaves a club with empty players. He’s more interested in his own short term glory, never interested in building for the future. CFC made the wrong decision by hiring Jose at a period when we were building for the future. Jose didn’t know what to do with young talents like KDB, Salah, Lukaku, etc, he just sold them all. He wasted talents like Filipe Luis and drained Oscar. He didn’t help any of these players to improve. We signed these great talents because we were planning for the future, but unfortunately we signed the wrong coach for such a project. Imagine if Jose had helped developed those players and we still have them at Chelsea today. Oscar was a great talent when we signed him, but Jose didn’t help him improve at all, instead, he just used up his talent and made the boy stagnant. Watch closely, he’s doing the same to Pogba, Martial, Lukaku and Rashford too. Those guys will not improve under Jose, they will just remain at the same level they were when Jose became their coach. They may even retrogress… Look at how Pep has improved players like Delph, Sane, Sterling, etc or how Conte improved Moses and is transforming Hazard, Jose will never do such…

  • @Latunvic. I agree with you. We had no basi for firing some (not all) of our past ciaches to the extent of hiring one twice. You know, in my opinion, the style of game we are playing is hurting us. That is why some players who cannot make it in Chelsea do so well elsewhere. Conte has proven to be versatile. And I believe he can compete very well with other teams if we support him with players he wants. Remembering, he came is at the same time as Pep and got us the League trophy. But MC has listened to Pep and supported him. We need to do same. He has identified at least three of our youths as the Club?s future. We need to encourage him in developing them and others to come. All said, I am proud of the team and pray for better days.

  • Barca here we come, plus we have United and City away between the two legs, and the mighty palace at home . Thanks Willian for missing that tap in. Its going to be interesting to say the least .

  • Poor Spurs. Finish top of group which included Real, and end up getting Juventus. While Man U and City keep riding the luck of the draw.

  • For once I agree with you latunvic. There can be absolutely no doubt that Guardiola is the better manager than Mourinho for precisely the reasons you state. And that this has left us with longer-term issues that do not help The Don. While The Don clearly does have the ability to make players better (see last season’s David Luis for details) he is nonetheless wedded to the Italian system of relentless work-rate and attention to diet/lifestyle. While the players were keen to work with anyone but anyone than Mourinho last season, Conte could get that extra effort out of them. But this season several of them are back to sulking because – YET AGAIN LATUNVIC! – nothing of note has been added to the squad they face the ‘joy’ of doing double-duty with CL games. Courtois, Willian, Luiz, Bakayoko, Batshuayi, even Fabregas, all talk to much and moan too much in public. Even Hazard, the gem, is not the ideal superstar leader, his name attached to Real every single day with him doing nothing to discourage it. The little lad does JUST enough to show his class and be regarded as indispensable but he lacks the one essential ingredient of superstardom: HE AIN’T A MATCHWINNER! V West Ham Saturday he wasn’t even a matchdrawer. I would have parted company with all the above – Hazard excluded – and never have bought Bakayoko, clearly an Emenalo-driven move as HIS move to a grateful Monaco all but proves. Accusing The Don of anything – let alone moaning – is utter nonsense. We know who Conte is – he is straight as a die and tells it as he sees it. That’s one of the many reasons that we love him. Unlike Mourinho, who is indeed a one-trick pony who thrashes every inch of effort out of players, Conte is a teacher too. Sadly, he’s mostly saddled with players who have indeed been thrashed to death by Mourinho. That’s why is both needful and DESERVING of new players. It isn;t moaning, techie mate. It’s fact.

  • At least we did not get Lukaku, who got two assists for City, than hit Arteta with a bottle in the away dressing room. bet he gets away with it .

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