Date: 21st August 2017 at 9:35am
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Bad news for the Chelsea haters yesterday. Antonio Conte has not lost the dressing room as they would like us to believe. The makeshift team that took to the pitch yesterday afternoon, had listened to the negative media talk during the week, listened to their manager, and booted the anti-Chelsea matter into the heavens.

The full-bloodied ‘backs to wall` performance once again showed that Chelsea know how to win football matches. Antonio Conte`s tactical masterclass, with a team that had never taken to the football field before was pure genius.

You could argue Tottenham`s Wembley jinx helped Chelsea, or maybe it was just that Chelsea wanted to win more. Tottenham`s Hugo Lloris certainly didn`t help their cause, but with just two Marcos Alonso strikes on target and two goals, Chelsea need to improve their strike-rate.

This game was a one off though, there won`t be another like it this season. Conte had a plan to not lose the game which the players executed to perfection. To actually win the game was a real bonus. Conte was rightly proud of his players, they worked hard for him. As they rock up to Cobham this morning, the atmosphere will have changed immeasurably from last week.

The training ground will be all smiles, as they prepare to take on Everton in another tough game next week. For sure though, the confidence that yesterday`s win has bought will put to bed any fears that we are about to suffer another CFC style meltdown. For the time being anyway.


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  • Immediately after the match, I was very eager to read the post match comment of Spurs’ coach. I knew it would be “I was satisfied with my players. We played better than Chelsea and deserve to win… but Chelsea were more clinical”. I was not disappointed.

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