Date: 27th November 2019 at 8:31am
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As Chelsea embark on what we all hope is a new golden era, speculation has been quashed that the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, is looking to sell the club.

Lurking in The Guardian, is a wonderful article in which our chairman, Bruce Buck, gives a wonderful insight into just how active Roman remains when it comes to his beloved Chelsea Football Club.

Although Roman hasn’t been seen at a Premier League fixture, involving Chelsea, since the Spring of 2018, courtesy of some political skulduggery, Buck confirms that the Russian is in constant touch with key personnel at Stamford Bridge.

Perhaps a lot of the speculation relating to a possible sale of the club was the decision to put on hold the plans for the new stadium, however, Buck is quick to emphasise that Roman will not sell the club for ‘silly’ money.

When it comes to the ongoing two-window transfer ban, Buck emphasises that Roman is delighted with how Frank has integrated the youngsters into the side and how the side is progressing with Buck being quoted as remarking, by our source:

“The transfer ban has led to more opportunities for the young players.

“I can’t deny that if there wasn’t a transfer ban, we might have splurged out on one or two or three players. So, yes, it was some of that; it was Frank Lampard, the players that were ready, a whole collection of things that resulted in where we are now. It makes Mr Abramovich very happy, because he is very interested in the academy. I would guess he’s one of the very few owners that have been to lots of academy matches.”

It’s great to read those words, Chelsea, as we head into the previously mentioned new golden era, we need stability at the helm.

However, one can only wonder whether that stability could be somewhat blown out of the water if the Court of Arbitration for Sport upholds Chelsea’s appeal, against the ban, and the possibility of the club being able to wave their cheque book around in January.

I guess only time will tell.

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