Date: 22nd February 2018 at 8:50am
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Time to round up the polls we ran surrounding the Barcelona game. Prior to the 1-1 draw we asked how you thought the game would pan out.

We gave you the usual three choices, however partisan we are though, this game was never going to be a walk-the-park. The result of these polls so often depends on whether we vote with our heads or our hearts. It`s difficult to not vote with the latter.

So, 69% voted for Chelsea to win! and really they should have been correct. Having setup to simply keep the ball, Barcelona`s negative tactics seemed to be focused on diving in the hope of getting a chance from a set piece. Groundbreaking stuff from the Catalans.

17% believed they`d succeed voting Barcelona to win! The actual result A Draw! picked up the remaining 14%.

With that poll sorted, attention turned to Chelsea`s first goal scorer. The starting ten outfield players featured in this poll. Coming top, and no surprise, given Antonio Conte didn`t select a striker was Eden Hazard who topped out with 60%.

Only three other players received votes, our actual first scorer, Willian, grabbed 20%.

Marcos Alonso and the goal-machine that is N`golo Kante both picked up 10%

Then it came down to who the man-of-the-match could possibly be. Having spoken to Merlin, the belief was Willian was by far, Chelsea`s best player. But for some inexplicable reason, he receives very few votes in this poll, no matter how well he plays. With his goal, two shots that hit the post and overall performance, for us at Vital Chelsea, it was a no brainer.

So rather than go through the motions of seeing Willian pick up few votes, we asked the simple question Does Willian deserve the MOTM vote. It was a Yes or No answer we were looking for. Obviously coming out top was No! he doesn`t, a ridiculous 92% believed there were more appropriate candidates. The remaining 8% voted Yes!. I`m dumbstruck.

Our current front page poll asks how you viewed Tuesday`s game, on reflection. As ever please use your vote wisely.


8 Replies to “Chelsea Poll Bucks The Trend”

  • They can deny it all they want but inwardly they know they are bloody rascists !!!. If it was hazard,Pedro or even Alonso that put in half of Willian’s performance ,they would sing his name to the heavens.
    His crime is that he is black.

  • Willian got my my MOTM vote, no brainier. I have given Willian stick when he deserved it however, recently he has been a different player, Willian of old. For months Pedro was my first choice, not now, Willian is the man. I hope he starts this Sunday alongside Hazard & Giroud.

  • Willian got my vote hands down, Willian has been brilliant for us recently, we really miss him when he is not playing .I hope he starts Sunday also .

  • Willian was awesome, back to the player he was during the dark days of Mourinho’s second spell when he was by far the best player in the squad

  • The interesting thing about these MOTm votes is that, the people that voted against Willian never come to the forum to defend their action or point out to the rest of us, what we aint seeing in Willian’s terrible play(i assume). Maybe they are cowards or just what they are called by Stamford King.

  • I’ve always stated the fact that Willian is my favourite player at the club. He is the most stylish player in any team we put out. Hazard is or best player but when Willian is on his game, there is no better to watch. There was a big dip in his form after his mother died but he’s definitely back to his best. I don’t think his lack of votes is racist, as Moses can sometimes be mediocre and end up, being MOTM. I’ve seen many members on this site call him clueless, useless and even some saying, he has no skill. We all know who they are and why any football fan would think, he had no skill is baffling and idiotic. When I saw the way the poll was questioned, yes or no, I again didn’t vote because I had a feeling that the result would be NO and wanted to see the bias against him. We all know that Willian was so much better than any other Chelsea player, It’s very obvious to me that some members are voting multiple times on multiple devices to distort the result. It doesn’t take rocket science to work out who they are, when you look at, the vital members table. It’s ok to vote for a player, who has a great defensive display, but we all know, it’s much more difficult to create, especially against top players and Willian definitely did that on Tuesday night. Shame on any so called Vital Chelsea member, who abused our forum, on this occasion, for whatever reason, sad really.

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