Date: 10th June 2018 at 10:53am
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How many of us have, at some time in our lives, dreamed of playing for Chelsea Football Club?

For some, perhaps the dream lives on, for others, like me, old-age makes it just wishful thinking.

For some, they get the chance many of us crave for but find themselves judged to be not quite good enough to continue the progression through the youth ranks to the first team.

Just recently, Chelsea released the list of players they will not be retaining for the 2018 / 2019 season.

You’ll find that the list, reproduced below, contains the names of many youngsters who will be devastated that their dreams have been dashed:

– Beeney, Mitchell Ryan

– Christie-Davies, Isaac David

– Dasilva, Cole Perry

– Delac, Matej

– Dos Reis Carvalho, Eduardo

– Houghton, Jordan

– Masampu, Renedi

– Oliveira Dos Santos, Wallace

– Walters, Tushaun-Tyreese

Interestingly, the list contains the names of three goalkeepers, Beeney, Delac and Eduardo.

Here at Vital Chelsea, we hope that all those youngsters on the list manage to find other clubs, even if it means dropping into the lower tiers of English football.

Football can be a cruel game, but decisions have to be made to ensure there is room at the club for a new crop of youngsters ready to live the dream.

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20 Replies to “Chelsea Reveal List Of Players Not Being Retained For The Coming Season”

  • We can’t give out our youth players to developed but not for sales, Remember the story of Muhammed salah.let Chelsea to the best not considering our horrify situations around us pls

  • Best for our youth players to go out there in other to improve and be a more better player... Welcomed idea though. says:

    Chelsea is a team for all… Please after dis players go out and acquire some level of good football please try and give the opportunity to dem wen needed, in addition if u guys can add fekir to and Malcolm to the squad would be a lot of plus to the team… Thanks.

  • Yes I saw Costa’s name on there too. Maybe Athletico haven’t paid us the money yet and he remains our player? No that’s just wishful thinking on my part, obviously it’s an administrative mistake. OR IS IT??????

  • I wish the club can bring in Lewadoski from bayen muchen and sanchez from Manchester United.

  • The board should begin signings
    we need kalidou,micheal jean sarri,jorginho,icardo,malcom,florenzi
    common blues do something beginning to be fed up with the slow transfer business

  • We are fed up with the slow transfer business. They should make wild and add better new faces. Chance should be given to the young chaps to prove themselves .

  • Wow, this new format has done wonders for the site. The quality of comments has REALLY improved… That is, if you defined improvement as going from dumb to dumber.

  • this is my first and I really appreciate you guys because I am also fed up with the slow transfer business…before today I told my friends that Michael enimello leaving chelsea will affect us ..see today I think if he is still there , he will definitely do something about this new signings. ..thanks

  • I think Chelsea FC need to sack the person in charge of our transfer and the likes of Pedro, Drinkwater, bakayoko are not fit to be called Chelsea players anymore and I will like to suggest for the player like dries Mertens, Thomas lemas and a complete striker like Lewandowski.

  • Let the club find two good strikers likes of lewandowski. If the person in charge of buying is failing let him be the one to be sold first. It is sad and painful for fans to watch a club being hammered

  • Comment Is it that Chelsea management are not considering what trauma the fans are passing through. When you refuse to do the needful, the likes of Hazard, Luiz and others might change their mind which will be disastrous. This season we MUST qualify for Champions League.

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