Date: 7th August 2018 at 7:31am
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With the new season looming large on the horizon, a huge problem has yet to be sorted at Chelsea Football Club.

Yesterday, Thibaut Courtois should have returned to the fold after his World Cup exertions.

Scheduled to return to training at 16:00 hours, it appears the 26-year-old didn’t show up.

Now, depending upon which news source you read, Courtois no-show could be put down to the fact he’d been told to stay away from the club whilst his mind isn’t quite on the job or it was simply a show of petulance as the goalkeeper seeks to get his dream move to Real Madrid.

However, if Courtois does want his dream move then it appears the transfer fee will be a minimum of £50 million a lot better than the £31 million previously mentioned.

But, with the summer transfer window slamming shut on Thursday, Chelsea have little time to secure the service of a capable replacement.

One source, mundodeportivo, suggests that Chelsea will go in search of Atletico Madrid’s 25-year-old keeper, Jan Oblak, stating that Chelsea will be prepared to meet the £89 million release clause in his contract.

Can we, here at Vital Chelsea, see that happening, in a word NO!

Elsewhere, a couple of media vehicles including, Sky Sports, are of the opinion that Chelsea will look towards the Stoke City goalkeeper, Jack Butland with another news source, the Daily Star, inferring that Chelsea are ready to offer Stoke City £25 million for their target.

But, with the transfer window set to close, Stoke could play hardball and push the price up.

Here at Vital Chelsea, we’re struggling to understand how the club has got in such a pickle, it’s been obvious, for months, Courtois has wanted to leave, so why didn’t Chelsea take grab the bull by the horns and deal with this earlier in the close season instead of being, as it may now happen, being held to ransom!


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  • What could we expect? Whilst we are having an useless board. Personally I’m not surprised at all to see everything that is happening at our club. All the fear factor about CFC is thing of the past. Now even Newcastle and Southampton are better than us.

  • The author may be struggling to understand, but the readership is not. The club has given the appearance of strength for years – but it was a thinly masked cover for every possible weakness that a club could exhibit. It’s like a man with a mid-life crisis. He tries to make everyone think that he’s cool, got money, etc – all in hopes of landing the girl. But underneath his charade, he’s still an insecure person who doesn’t really have things under control, as he thinks he does. He’s getting old, and it’s only convincing until a few people find him out. That’s my analogy with Roman Abramovich. What he did in his early ownership, was what he was able to do, so long as nobody else was doing it. But now, not only are others doing it, but even doing it better. The only good that came out of it, was that he made the league competitive again. (albeit, at his own expense) Because he’s mismanaged every aspect of the ownership of this club, this is where we are at. His charade is fully exposed. He’s lost that enigmatic intimidation. Now, he’s just a sad little control freak, that can’t maintain order, and can’t buy what he wants. Because everyone has options now. Dear Leader Abramovich has single-handedly resurrected several football dynasties, like a Phoenix from the ashes. He showed them all how not to do it. Good luck getting great players to stay. Even better luck replacing them. You earned it. little man.

  • I might be in a minority of one but I am fed up of people rubbishing Roman and the board. We have had a brilliant run the last few years and the highs far outnumber the lows. Sure mistakes have been made and doubtless will be in the future but Roman loves our club, though perhaps for different reasons than I do. In his case, maybe for the prestige that being the Chelsea owner brings, a similar reason I guess to that which a lot of our newer fans will share, and it’s a good reason. For me though it’s, well it’s just because and it always will be just because, I fell in love with The Blues. So anyone else who loves them is at the very least deserving of our respect and should not be vilified by people who clearly have no idea how business in general and football in particular work. I have no problem with reasoned and critical argument, that’s healthy but please, no more of the sign player X, Y and Z brigade, as if we are the only club with money and all others are forbidden to refuse our offers for their stars.

    • You’re not in a minority of 1! It’s been a great run for about 20 years with 15 of them under Roman’s ownership. Some of us remember how bad it was for much of the 20 years before that. Those years should be best forgotten and the last 2 decades well remembered. With more money and quality at the top of the EPL now it’s far more competitive and we might not see another 20 years to match what we’ve had no matter who owns the club. I could live with us becoming another Arsenal but becoming another Leeds or Notts Forest would be harder to stomach.

  • BTW Solid, my previous post not aimed at you, I always find your posts well thought out though I don’t always agree with your views

  • Where are the likes of Latunvic and KAKU? Already jumped ship to City or what? They were willing to stab any coach in the back and defend the board to death.

  • Analooish, you are a gentleman of the highest caliber. I understood what you meant, without clarification, and I never expect anyone to agree with me all of the time. (I’m a conversationalist, not a cult leader, after all) Besides, if everyone agreed with me, we’d have no use here. So carry on as you were… Cheers, mate.

  • I have no problem with him leaving, its Real Madrid, so that is not an issue, what bugs me, is why did he not put in a transfer request?, he could have left on good terms . Instead he is being a self serving ass.

    The other issue is, he turned down a new contract last Jan, why did we wait until the end of the window?.

  • We have been ‘duped’into paying a ridiculous price for a goalkeeper. That amount could have gotten us a decent striker.

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