Date: 20th January 2019 at 11:37am
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We’re at the stage of the season whereby supporters are looking for an inspirational move, from their side, in the transfer window.

It’s fair to say that Chelsea’s season, after a good start, has spluttered in recent weeks, with defeats becoming as regular as victories.

Winning silverware this season remains a priority but the feeling is there it may not happen with the side not quite being as good as those around us.

Therefore, returning to the inspiration theme, I have to say that one piece of transfer speculation has really caught my eye this morning.

It comes courtesy of the news vehicle, the Express, which is championing the inference that Chelsea could be about to spend £100 million on a player for the first time in their history.

According to the referenced source, Chelsea have enquired about signing the Brazilian midfielder, Philippe Coutinho, who is on the books of Barcelona.

The 26-year-old joined the Catalan side, from Liverpool, during the last transfer window for a sum said to be of the magnitude of £143 million.

However, Coutinho hasn’t been as successful in Spain as it was hoped and this season has started just 11 games in La Liga.

Now whether our source is purely trying to boost sales figures or has a genuine insight into the possibility of such a deal being struck remains to be seen.

But what are your thoughts on the possibility of Chelsea breaking through that £100 million barrier to sign Coutinho?

Would it be a move that gets your approval or would we be better served spending that kind of cash on somebody else?

Please feel free to drop your point of view in the comment facility beneath this article.

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69 Replies to “Chelsea Set To Break The Bank To Bring Brazilian Midfielder To The Club”

  • Pls do not hesitate his a quality nd goals scoring player nd a th perfect harzards replacement nd pls just let go off harzard,he does not wnt 2 play for th club pls don’t force him cos we won’t get any positive results out of him

    • Are you serious wu told u Dat is d truth about hazard is hazard playing is position? don’t u no dat false nine is not is position when is at Dat position our attack will be slow cux no nobody to bring balls in William an padro can’t do it well kovasic is d only person wu dose Dat

  • Pls switch kante with jogihno as our defensive is too weak nd our assists is also very weak,so I think by switching those 2 players will do.cos cos tactical jogihno is very good while kante is very good in defence so that can make our defensive solid agn

  • pls break the bank to sign him. he’s very player again switch the positions of jojinho and kante if jojinho ca

  • pls break the bank to sign him. he’s very player again switch the positions of jojinho and kante if jojinho can not play 8 then it should be backly, kante and kovacic thank you

    • We need a strike we want diego costa or willsion next thing let eden hazard to play his role not false 9 another thing bring countihno at home

  • Switch Jorginho to be playmaker, he can provide assists and Kante defensive. Also replace Alonso with Emerson, he is too weak and cannot defend effectively with his attack mind. Kovacic also needs to sit down for Loftus Cheek. Chelsea really don’t to buy Fabregas replacement. spend 100m£ on striker like Alcacer of Barcelona or Icardi than on Cotinho. Thenx Obilo

    • You’re really right my brother. We need sharp and strong Strikers like Icadi,Costa, Anatovic those are the Players we need to break Banks on them not Midfielders.

  • Sign Coutinho fast,swap Kante with Jorginho.bring in Higuain,SELL Hazard,his mind is elsewhere.sign Icardi next transfer..

    • True, sell Hazard and give Odoi to develop in his position or better still, sell both of them and get players who are motivated and committed

    • I don’t think u really know what u’re saying,and are u really a Chelsea FC Fan? I don’t think u are because if u’re like you won’t ask Chelsea to sell Kante,

  • Kick Jorginho out he is only in because he is Sarri favourite otherwise Kante is much better in that position moreover instead on focusing buying forwards and midfielders Chelsea should bring in good defenders because they looked vulnerable throughout this season in defence and lastly get rid of Hazard because his mind is tossing on Madrid and bring someone else as creative playmaker

  • pls am v v very happy to read this page if is through, pls late chelsea try all possible best and sign philipe C, is a good player.

  • It will be a good signing but the question is” is chelsea ready to spend such amount” just don’t know what is wrong with chelsea this days concerning signing good playfr

  • Spend that money on Icardi and swap Jorginho & Kante……Kante is very good defensively…let Kante protect the back four and not Jorginho

  • please is now time sarri need to do the needful changing in the midfield now. bring back kante back to the defensive midfield bench joginho for a while. also we need a complete striker so Eden can play wide from left.

  • Anything other than Jorginhio would be a plus for our club. I really don’t get it. Kante is one of the top midfielders and instead he is wasted playing in the wrong position. Experiments cost a lot and unless Chelsea wakes up and stop squandering monies buying seconds as players will never reach the top.
    What is paradox they bought Higuain and let Fabregas to go????????

  • Frankly, Chelsea board ought to realise the fans the club pull around the world and this should inform them of decision such as replacement of coaches and buying of new versus selling also. Furthermore the coach should endeavour to listen to the fans too .Jorgeo’s role should be looked into, kante should replace while move forward and finally am in the opinion that William and pedro is time to go.

  • for its better to spend on someone who can do better for the club like Nemaya matic and Lampard before. I think coutihno can create more for us and don’t force hazard he’s not the hazard we know he’s different totally now

  • I read all comments from all supporters and they all make sense, except Chelsea’s administration that they always get it wrong.
    Shake up the whole team. We need a replacement for Alonso, a good striker and keep Odoi. Put him to play he will prove everybody wrong.
    Hazard is distracted with Real move and he is frustrated playing in the wrong position plus he doesn’t get any support from the players. Sell Willian, for Christ sake. What’s wrong with our club? Do they have any sense of reality? All other clubs are improving and we go backward.

    • Comment I think in the premier league what teams are busy is taking the trophy’s if we can’t get trophies if we buy what kind of player , the cub still will lug down i thin Eden should play with a striker , but let cotinhho come

  • Pls, in the name the club kanta should play 4 before u do what u known to natural and gifted on than what someone as a coach is trying as to favour a player who has less talent to that position in name jogiho. Sarri should respect Chelsea philosopher and stop implementing soccer that is individually and collectively not accepted by the club. You don’t have fabregas replacement, yet u allowed him to leave, thereby creating a vacuum at this perilous time of the season that determines the hope of every club qualification for champions league. Use kanta permanent in defensive midfield, kavazic and Barclay/loft check as attacking midfield they are naturally goal getters. Then, jogiho should only be played at 10 position/ kavazic. Hazard should maintain left flank/ callum houdson, William/Pedro right flank. Thanks!!!

  • Let us not blame our players for nothing.we should blame for the coach for the role of playing hazard as false no9 and kante as offensive midfielder everyone should play his correct position

  • Sign Brazzilian sell Hazard. He is not happy now to remain at chelsea. Switch Kante and Joginho, drop out Alonso bring in Emmerson. And kick him (Sarri) out of chelsea as soon as possible.

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