Date: 20th January 2019 at 11:37am
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We’re at the stage of the season whereby supporters are looking for an inspirational move, from their side, in the transfer window.

It’s fair to say that Chelsea’s season, after a good start, has spluttered in recent weeks, with defeats becoming as regular as victories.

Winning silverware this season remains a priority but the feeling is there it may not happen with the side not quite being as good as those around us.

Therefore, returning to the inspiration theme, I have to say that one piece of transfer speculation has really caught my eye this morning.

It comes courtesy of the news vehicle, the Express, which is championing the inference that Chelsea could be about to spend £100 million on a player for the first time in their history.

According to the referenced source, Chelsea have enquired about signing the Brazilian midfielder, Philippe Coutinho, who is on the books of Barcelona.

The 26-year-old joined the Catalan side, from Liverpool, during the last transfer window for a sum said to be of the magnitude of £143 million.

However, Coutinho hasn’t been as successful in Spain as it was hoped and this season has started just 11 games in La Liga.

Now whether our source is purely trying to boost sales figures or has a genuine insight into the possibility of such a deal being struck remains to be seen.

But what are your thoughts on the possibility of Chelsea breaking through that £100 million barrier to sign Coutinho?

Would it be a move that gets your approval or would we be better served spending that kind of cash on somebody else?

Please feel free to drop your point of view in the comment facility beneath this article.

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69 Replies to “Chelsea Set To Break The Bank To Bring Brazilian Midfielder To The Club”

  • its a very good decision to bring in Philippe C. and let’s Hazard go because he is no longer ready to play for Chelsea.

  • pls let’s respect what the coach is doing n stop bleming him n the players n we should rather blem the board.they sell fabrigas n morata without there replacement.let’s all rally behind the team with our prayers so that God will push us to top 4

  • CommentI agree with all of you guys nevertheless, jorginho should take up position 8. ngolo kante should be deployed back to defensive midfielder no. 6 also let odoi occupy the right flank as rlc be given no. 10 raw. all we need is to bring in icardi or Wilson bring in coutinho too coz I don’t see hazardous at Chelsea after this season. I hear we are inquiring about the availability of Christian Erickson all those are good signings


    thank you

  • sari, should stop playing behind football, and forget about this lazy jorgunhio in the midfielder and play Kante in his natural wing. if you want to make it to the first four this season. you’re standing there as a coach while things are getting wrong. jorginhio is the problem we has now in Chelsea

  • Please bring him we need an attacting midfiled who can score gaols and not that mateo who has mot shot gaol for the last 2months.for joginho,the boy has failed that role as a result he is exposing the defenders, bring back kante if we are to remain in top four

  • Sign Countinho,
    Hazard & Kante to play in their real position.
    why did you allow fabrepassassist to leave Chelsea????

  • Sarri should use Kante at his right position and bench joginho becoz he is not physically strong enough to play dat position. Bench Alonso and bring in Emerson. Chelsea we need strike pls management

  • I don’t understand what Chelsea board and coaches are doing, you sold fabregas and allow jorginho to play is jorginho playing for us all is he playing to make name for him self I don’t understand, fabregas play goal passed more than him fabregas is fast than him fabregas can score than him fabregas can run more than him you sold fabregas and leave him to play, you play the only creative player we have force nine and expect to win match, who will give him pass to score?

  • you allow Alonso lazy number 3 to play ahead of Emerson you Aziblicuata plays week in week out and you want to win check the age of Chelsea first team 70% is above 28 and u want to you tired men and carry league against young and fast man city at any point in time the whole front line with midfielders are inside 18 yards box looking for goal the same with man u Liverpool Tottenham while if we have ball Williams is at the flank Jorginho no where to be found in goal post Hazard with the ball at the flank u will not see upto 3 Chelsea players inside six yards and u want to score I wonder what you are teaching to possess the ball in leave the primary objective goal. now u are buying higuan old man who can’t run forgotten that this is premier league the strongest league in the world Juventus let him old man go u buy him Giroud 31higuan 31 and u want to carry league I pity Chelsea.

  • your playing Kante out of position using a slow player somebody who can not run or mark ball in a very important position forgotten that u have win is no 4 u have lose is no 4. Chelsea board u can’t spend money and buy quality players always buying average players and u want to carry league. verdy and higuan who is better, Ryan marez was there for us to buy u let him go, Aubameyang was there for us u let him go and buy female player Morata, Douglas Costa was there for us u let him go, you sold Mikel and buy bakayouko jorginho and Mikel who is better, sari you keep Giroud on the bench and play Hazard force 9 why did you buy him I swear u will soon keep Higuan on the bench and play kepa force 9, now Coutinho is there now u can’t bring out 100 to buy him how then do u think u can carry league when you only spend big money on foolish players, Chelsea board needs to be changed, having female as our sporting director is a very big mistake for she knows nothing about football take it or leave, call back JT or Didier to come and handle that position please if you want Chelsea to move forward.

  • Eden is not happy by playing without striker, we need to buy a good n sharp striker, then kante should go back to defensive midfield and let give emerson chance to show his talent cause alonso is already weak. Coutinho will be a good signing for us because he’s a good player n he can play any role, i think when he work with hazard something good will come out n our striker will deliver well. We need him and sharp striker as well. Thanks

  • I dont know why chelsea allow fabipass leave the club, chelsea board need to be replace please, they dont know their work, they keep buying average and old players, the only good striker we have after drogba left they allow him to go(costa) and they can not buy good one but average. Now they bid for coutinho but they would not buy him, i think they dont want progress for the team let one of our legend takeover pls. Must sarri change hazard n kante position? That changing of position is killing them let them go back to their position. Pls we need sharp striker not old one

  • Comment, Love u all we all made a rightfull suggestions u all got it,i think our problem nw is good striking force if sarri can see to it wow we good to go

  • let hazard, Alonso go, they are the players that always spoil our games.but Emerson, coutino , Pedro n icadi to be in place please.

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