Date: 3rd August 2018 at 12:46pm
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Give them a taste of their own medicine!

With it, to us, looking as if our Belgian goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, is looking to get his dream move to Real Madrid, we’re imagining that with the Premier League transfer window set to close in six days’ time, the 26-year-old is looking nervously at the sands of time running through the hour-glass.

Today, as has been the case on numerous occasions this summer, Courtois features in the transfer speculation in the media.

The tabloid publication, the Daily Star, picking up on something in Spanish media vehicle, Diario AS, is reporting that the Chelsea boss, Maurizio Sarri, is keen to put the matter to bed and wants to hold talks with the keeper to sort the situation out once and for all, something we feel needs to be done as soon as practically possible.

But elsewhere, a different scenario is being reported by the media source, the Express, which is reporting that Real Madrid have bid £31 million for the goalkeeper believing it to be a fair price for someone who has just a year left on his contract.

Understandably, the bid has been rejected by Chelsea who value the keeper far higher than that miserly sum.

Indeed, investigating, it appears that the Spanish club operates under one rule for them and another rule for others.

Amongst the transfer speculation, we couldn’t help but notice that the tabloid publication, the,
Mirror, is reporting that Real Madrid, in order to deter Inter Milan from making a move for their Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric, have put a price tag of £670 million on the player, something that perfectly illustrates my point above.

Perhaps, when it comes to a valuation for Thibaut Courtois, Chelsea should be thinking along the same lines.


6 Replies to “Chelsea Should Follow The Real Madrid Transfer Philosophy”

  • Chelsea should show some balls in all this. If Courtois will not sign a new contract, we need to move into the market and sign Jack Butland immediately, and then let Courtois sit on the bench for the whole season.

  • I remember how I used to say – all the way back to the beginning of this young man’s time with us – that he was a rotten little shit. I also remember how I used to catch so much grief from the “true fans” around here. Where are all you mouth pieces now? Come on out and say what you had to say back then. Fact is, I’ve been correct in almost all of my character judging, as concerns players and personnel. Or, at the very least, history has proven me correct. Nailed it with Diego Costa. Same story with Lukaku. What a “true blue” he was. LOL Next thing you know, good ol’ Abramovich will show his true colors, in undeniable fashion. My, how things tend to play out…

  • Sell him for 1m extra to a club in Turkey. He needs to be thought some lessons. I cant believe we let go of Chec for this twat.

  • Actually it’s probably better that we use their pricing system for Hazard: Madrid obviously believe a price tag of £670 million to be fair for a quality midfielder such as Modric, so add a £200 million premium due to our number 10 being 5 years younger, = £870 million and welcome to Madrid Eden

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