Date: 26th August 2020 at 11:35am
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It is as plain to see as the nose on my face that Chelseaโ€™s major problems last season were taking chances and conceding goals.

Hopefully, the signings made already during this transfer window will go a long way to eradicating that former problem.

But what have Chelsea done to cure their defensive ills, particularly, at the heart of the defence?

Well, at this moment in time, nothing!

But the transfer grapevine continues to suggest that is about to change.

Talk has been almost incessant implying that Chelsea, as confirmed by Sky Sports are set to bring the Paris St-Germain centre-back, Thiago Silva, to Stamford Bridge.

With his contract having expired, the Brazilian defender is free to choose who he wants to play for with only his salary to negotiate.

But Thiago is 35-years-of-age and his potential signing would appear to go against the Chelsea grain.

After all, have we not just let Willian and Pedro, both over 30, leave the club?

But Thiago is, as they say, a different kettle of fish.

Even at his age, I reckon he can do a more than decent job.

His experience will stand him in good stead and if any proof is needed that he still has got what it takes, just look how he handled the Bayern Munich attack in the recent Champions League Final.

My one fear is that the sheer physicality of the Premier League could be his undoing but that is something that could apply to any of the signings Chelsea have made this summer.

I believe Chelsea signing Thiago would be a smart move, but is that a thought you concur with?

Would Signing Thiago Silva Be A Good Deal For Chelsea?





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5 Replies to “Chelsea Signing This Defender Makes Huge Sense Considering His Credentials”

  • The signing of Thiago Silva is a very good one for chelsea,and am so excited of it,i cant wait to see more comming,up blues forever

  • I have to admit, when I first heard his name mentioned I thought “oh fgs no!”. I took him for a very experienced defender who is now too old and to slow for the Premier League. But… after watching him on the weekend, and looking back over some videos of his displays over the past season, I’m happy to say I reckon I was totally wrong. And here’s why…

    Thiago will be a great signing for us – at worst, he will be a determined, no-nonsense presence on the training field and in the dressing room. His will to win and experience are unquestionable and this will benefit all the younger players.
    At best, he can be a John Terry type defender for at least a season and perhaps two. In fact, I reckon for the first year he’ll be even better than latter-day JT because he’s faster, and quicker off the mark from a standing position (so even if Lamps does a Villas-Boas and plays him in a high line like he did with JT, Thiago will be able to cope with that!)
    The only downside is the (despite what I said above) his impact on the younger players. His presence will slow their development for a year, at the end of which they will be only slightly better players than they are now – and that won’t really be good enough.
    The solution to that, though, is to buy a quality experienced defender as well as Thiago – but there’d be no rush for that, we’d have a year to pick and choose. Then we’d have some experience to replace Thiago when he leaves and provide great competition for the likes of Zouma and AC.
    Obviously the ideal solution would be for one or both of them to surprise everyone and improve dramatically over the year. But is that likely to happen?
    Actually, yes, I think it could. Both of those two have, I think, improved a little (ok, very slightly) over the last season. Zouma looks more confident now than at the start, AC seems to be less inconsistent. And that over a season when the team in front of them has been comprised of a number of fairly inexperienced players, where the defensive mids have shown no real consistency, where Kante has been missing and where the goalkeeper behind them has largely performed less well than expected. (On that point, though I expect Kepa to either leave or be, in effect, demoted this season, I still think he’s a better keeper than this season has shown: unless there are personal reasons for his lack of form, he can improve and prove most of us wrong – hope I’m right on that one!)
    So, all in all, an excellent signing (if it comes off… fingers crossed). Welcome to the Bridge Thiago ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The only post you’ve received then, Merlin? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you for the compliment – coming from you that means a helluva lot (I’m a long time voyeur on Vital Chelsea. I know I should post more, but…).
    Anyway, cheers, Merlin, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Playing Thiago, in a high line in the Epl is a disaster waiting to happen….

    Lampard must chose games for him, and we know he can’t play all the matches..

    Why I want him here, is, he may add some experience to our defending in the training ground.. He could be of help to lampard on that regard… And hopefully help our other defenders to read the game better…
    He is a free agent.. If we had paid 10m for him, fans will react… (Luiz and Willian.)..

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