Date: 10th August 2018 at 5:17pm
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Although the summer transfer window slammed shut last night, as far as Premier League clubs go, deals can still be done with clubs outside of the top-flight of English football.

Today, it has been confirmed, by the respected news source, Sky Sports, that Michy Batshuayi will not be playing his football at Stamford Bridge next season.

The young Belgian striker, who joined Chelsea from Marseille, has been allowed to go out on loan to the Spanish side Valencia on a season-long loan deal.

The deal would suggest, to us, that Maurizio Sarri is prepared to enter the new season with just Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud as his striking options with young Tammy Abraham as a back-up if he too isn’t loaned out shortly.

It could be a risky plan, especially if either of Morata or Giroud pick up an injury or a suspension before the January transfer window opens.

I guess we could even see Eden Hazard deployed as a false number nine again!

Our ploy of not bringing in a top-class striker, during the summer transfer window could come back to haunt us.

But, what are your views on Batshuayi going out on loan?

Do you approve or disapprove?

Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments facility beneath this article.

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17 Replies to “Chelsea Striker Goes Out On Loan Leaving Options Restricted”

  • I don’t no what morata doing in Chelsea he could have lone out instead of bathsuayi morata is short one in Chelsea

  • Seems obvious that Sari is doing his utmost to build up Morata’s confidence and since I believe that is the only thing that the lad lacks, it just might work. Heaven help us if it doesn’t

  • Analooish, with regards to Morata – You don’t believe that he lacks proper service? I mean, we have all seen what he can do, when he’s supplied with the ball in the final third. And we can also see what happens when he’s expected to do it all himself in the final third. He started out on fire. We just need to get back to that. He’s a wonderfully skilled player, and one of those that the next club will have no trouble with… It’s always the same story with… us.

    • Solid7, oh please in as much as I agree Chelsea forwards lack proper service from midfield, I totally disagree on your assessment of morata. The guy is simply not good to be a no1 stricker a top team, only good with his head and misses every chance with his foot. Cfc should cut their losses on morata n move on, obviously a failed experiment which I anticipated

  • Well things will change for Chelsea if morata and Olivier work well.I believed things will change for Chelsea.

  • I wouldn’t have minded if he stayed. Some people though seem to have some interesting revisionist history. Let’s not forget when Morata was in good form and being provided service he had a good goal scoring ratio. Bats on the other hand had plenty of stinker of performances for us when given the chance to start, and rather had some poacher goals coming in as a late sub.

  • Exactly my point. Chelsea isn’t the kind of club that attracts top marquee signings, unless they carry baggage. On the other hand, I hate to see his youth wasted here. He’s an ambitious and energetic lad. It’s just that we don’t play any real kind of football here. He seems to do fine where they have an actual philosophy. But make no mistake, I really like this player. He is great. Just not with us, seemingly. Now why do you suppose that keeps happening – players that only don’t work well at OUR club?

  • Comment:we dont play real football here …funny ..well, batsman lacks what it takes to be a target man ….simple.

  • The new Coach Sarri must be given time to work his tactics on the players before any comments on any of the players.I believe the players will understand the Sarriball to the delight of everyone.

    • Analooish – do you see us play today? We have all the possession, and can’t break lines to save our soul. Morata has been anonymous, because there’s zero service. Just none.

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