Date: 26th April 2020 at 10:12am
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The re-emergence of Olivier Giroud, in the last few games of the 2019 / 2020 season, before it was so rudely interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, had given Chelsea supporters fresh hope that the striker could remain at the club for the foreseeable future.

Those hopes were further boosted when it was announced by The Daily Mail, that the 33-year-old had signed a one-year contract extension.

But is that really the case?

By delving deeper, it appears that the one-year-extension was always an option that Chelsea had with it being a clause in his existing contract.

In fact, it appears that Chelsea exercised the clause merely to ensure that Giroud doesn’t, when the 2019 / 2020 season finally ends, leave on a free transfer.

With the game currently in limbo, clubs, even those at the top of the top of the financial tree are having to be wary of finances.

Income, via gate receipts etc, has been slashed and, despite protestations to the contrary, nobody really knows when supporters will, once again, hear that familiar sound of the turnstiles clicking as they enter the ground.

In our view, here at Vital Chelsea, we believe the club has acted in a responsible way when it comes to this matter and should be applauded.

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2 Replies to “Chelsea Striker Pens One-Year Deal But Is It Really As It Seems?”

  • I think it’s a best move by the club in this times of uncertainty. I hope they do same for Willy Cabellero and Marco van Ginkel. With Marco, he needs a second chance with the first team. A good squad player he would be I think due to his versatility across the midfield positions(defensive, box to box and attacking). He could thrive in double pivot as well. Remember he is only 27 and Chelsea have an option extend for two years. Another good move by the club is to sell Jorginho and pockto enable Billy Gilmour to develop faster into a world class pl

  • It’s a move in the right direction by the club in this times of uncertainty. I hope they do so with Caballero and Marco van Ginkel.With Marco, he deserves a second chance to prove his quality in the first team. A good squad player he would be due his versatility accross the midfield positions (defensive, box-to-box and attacking). He could also thrive in double pivot. Remember he is still 27 and the club has option to extend his contact for two years. We could also decide to sell him rather than watching him to move on for nothing. Another good move by the club will be selling Jorginho to unite with his beloved Sarri (who always wants him no doubt)and pocket that money to enable Billy Gilmour to develop into the world class player that his performance promises to be of which Jorginho (the sideways passer) is not

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