Date: 8th August 2019 at 6:59am
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Today is, as we all know, transfer deadline day.

Courtesy of some foolhardy dealings, in the past Chelsea, serving a two-window transfer ban, will only be partaking in deals that could see players leave Stamford Bridge.

How many and who actually departs remains to be seen in the coming hours.

But the biggest talking point that emerged yesterday relates to our Brazilian defender David Luiz.

According to the The BBC, the 32-year-old could be heading across London to join Arsenal.

Furthermore, it appears that David Luiz is keen to make the move, quite what fascination playing for Arsenal has I’m troubling to understand.

Yesterday, the speculation was fuelled by the fact that David Luiz didn’t train with the first-team, at Cobham, but trained on his own as we await the outcome of this latest piece of speculation.

Personally, the biggest problem I have with such a deal isn’t the deal itself, if David Luiz doesn’t want to pull on our shirt any more then so be it, let him go, but the fact it is happening so close to the transfer window slamming shut.

If the lure of playing for Arsenal has been on David Luiz’s mind, then why has it taken until the moment for matters to come to a head?

My view is that David Luiz should be allowed to go, he’s had his best years and the errors in his game are becoming more regular.

But is that a view you concur with?

Please feel free to leave your view in the comment facility beneath this article.

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5 Replies to “Chelsea Stunned By Latest Transfer Development”

  • Agree with letting him go, but at 8 Mil pounds, its a steal for Arsenal 🙁 …. unless of course he is acting as an undercover agent for us & will ensure Arsenal leak many crucial goals 🙂

  • Luiz’ comment when he signed a new 2- year contract in May and his attitude and transfer to Arsenal portrays hypocrisy the hypocrisy of modern day footballers.
    He is aware of our 2 window ban, but chose to snitch. Let him go. Nothing lasts Forever.

  • @Zeenut – he’s a 32 year old with a recent (serious) injury history. None of his replacements are on par with him, salary-wise. How exactly is this a steal for Arsenal? It’s only just a stop-gap for them, in light of their recent “Koschelny Incident”.

  • As for him being a “traitor” or “strengthening a rival”… Will you all just grow up, and stop being such pussies? For God’s sake… This isn’t Spain or Germany. Strong league, and strong competition = top quality entertainment. These are professional footballers, not local tribal chiefs. Let’s not forget that many of you never even heard of Chelsea before 2004. These are foreign players, playing as professionals, and they can go wherever they choose, no penalty. The only mistake Luiz made, was in voicing certain comments that will only whip up the mouth breathers. Most of us are intelligent enough to see that loyalty is not a hallmark of the modern game. If you want that, I suggest you support your local semi-pro leagues. You just sound like butt-hurt snowflakes to anyone who has a realistic view of the modern game. *sniffles*

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