Date: 10th February 2019 at 6:37pm
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And so, it came to pass, pass again, both sideways and backwards but occasionally going forward but with no obvious threat, that ‘Sarriball’ isn’t the way forward.

This afternoon, at the Etihad Stadium, we weren’t just humbled, we were beaten out of sight, we suffered the worst defeat in our Premier League history, just a fortnight after being thrashed by the mighty Bournemouth.

These are bad times to be a Chelsea supporter, a thick skin will be called for in the office tomorrow because the banter, cruel banter, will be flying thick and fast.

After such a bad result, it is perhaps inevitable that the social media sites are alive with calls for Maurizio Sarri to be axed, results have been poor, we’re midway through February, well almost, and we’ve yet to score a goal away from home in the Premier League.

Some may say it is hasty to axe the Italian, even more so when we’re still competing for three pieces of silverware, but some would say it needs to be done before the rots sets in too deep.

Trawling through the thousands of posts that have already appeared on social media, those below illustrate perfectly how the fans feel:

But if Bruce Buck, on the orders of Roman Abramovich, is to sack Sarri, who should replace him?

Would they turn to Gianfranco Zola to fill the void whilst they search Europe for someone mad enough to take the job?

Or could they turn to a familiar face who is, as we speak, out of work?

Stranger things have happened.

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10 Replies to “Chelsea Support Savages Sarri After Manchester City Drubbing”

  • Morinho should never even be considered. Unfortunately Sarri was given a three year contract when quite long. It is not wise for the club to keep losing funds compensating managers sacked. Sarri have no credentials but if he was not above 50 I would still be happy to give him time to learn but I’m not sure where he is he still ambitions to excel.

  • There are clear indications that shows that Sarri has lost it. Why play someone like Jorghino as a shield for the back four when you have a Kante in the team.What is Alonso still doing on our left back. Azpi was a shadow of himself and this season,he has not played any nice pass. He is such a poor crosser of the ball,just like Alonso. Why play Willian and Pedro ahead of a sweet Callum Odoi? Sacking Sarri is not the solution but,a sporting director should be employed forth with. Sarri should be made to see reasons why Emerson,Christiansen, Odoi,and possibly Reuben Cheek should start games.

  • I agree that sacking him is not the best solution, but his rigidity is very worrying. He made lots of mistakes at the beginning when players were still willing to play for him. Instead of stamping his foot and consolidating on some of the rules his predecessor laid down he instead sought popularity with players by relaxing them. He was also quick to sideline some players instead of promoting competition for places in the team.

  • Sorry but he needs to go asap, he attitude before the game was defeatist, afterward, ,he showed no remorse, he keeps saying “i don’t know what to do “, that is the problem, he has given up . Its all about playing “his football”, but its not working.

    More than anything it’s his defeatist attitude that pisses me off, and his lack of tactical skill. He did a decent job at Napoli, in a weaker league, yet choked at the end.

    If we keep him around we will end up sixth or worse. Zola as interim is not going to work either, we need someone to just keep us in the top 4, or win the EL, in the summer we need to clean house, thats problem number 2, i just do not trust Roman or Marina to build a decent team, look at all the money wasted on players just sitting around .

  • Knowing that this City forward line can destroy defences if you don’t give them adequate cover, he should have played Kante in his favorite position & told Azpi/Alonso not to be too ambitious. Given how bad our back 4 were yesterday we would have still lost , but not by such a shocking scoreline. Apart from that, not playing CHO & RLC who are the best of our youngsters , not having a plan-B, being too wedded to an idea even when it’s not working, being too predictable are some of the issues with Sarri …. I think we now need a managerial team who bleeds Chelsea blue, like Lampard-Terry …. They may be new to management, but they’ll put some spine into these guys & not allow them to drift, they’ll play CHO & RLC I’m pretty sure, they’ll bring back Kante to his best position , in short, they’ll get the job done better than Sarri

  • sarri shud go let Zola tale charge, he has been a blues player before he knows wat it takes, sarri go we can’t miss put on champions league again

  • sarri shud go let Zola tale charge, he has been a blues player before he knows wat it takes, sarri go we can’t miss out on champions league again

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