Date: 10th June 2018 at 11:09am
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The recent news covered by Vital Chelsea, Click Here, whereby we covered the inference that Roman Abramovich had rejected a bid, from the billionaire businessman, Jim Ratcliffe, to buy Chelsea Football Club, certainly provoked a response on the social network sites.

Delving through the many posts left, on various feeds, we’ve tried to assemble a balanced view from the Chelsea supporters who have had something to say on the subject matter.

However, it’s fair to say that there are far more supporters wanting Roman to stay than there are to go.

Here is a selection:

Clearly there are concerns that a change could be a change for the worse, definitely a case of, although I’m not sure the words are apt, better the devil you know.

Continuing, others have complete faith in the Russian, remarking:

Well, it’s fair to say that Roman’s ownership has been the most successful period in the history of the club so he must be doing something right.

Followed by:

His commitment has never been in doubt, but some people can’t seem to accept that the cash splurge has been reduced in order for the club to comply with the Financial Fair Play Regulations that govern expenditure these days.

Lastly, for now,

Hopefully, the political furore Roman has, unwittingly, become involved in, will sort itself out and he will be able to resume business, as normal, in the UK.

But, as we explained earlier, we’re trying to give a balanced view and one of the rare negative posts we found is shown below:

Dwindling or in the middle of a period of change?

Chelsea won the FA Cup, only last May, the trophy sits proudly in the Stamford Bridge display cabinet, how many other teams won major silverware last season?

Our view, here at Vital Chelsea Towers is that long may Roman’s reign continue.

Please feel free to drop your opinions on the above subject matter into our comments facility beneath this article.


43 Replies to “Chelsea Supporters React To Roman Rejecting Bid To Buy Chelsea Football Club”

  • He ain’t selling let him go buy Manchester united or any other club leave Chelsea and Roman alone

  • personally i would like to see the back of the Russian as i have not been happy with the way CFC is being run for a few years: nothing to do with spending

  • Roma should not sell ,despite the horrify situations around his renewal of his visa.we’re confidence in u.tanxs

  • Comment
    Definitely i will quit Chelsea if roman mistakenly sell Chelsea……..Blue is the colour
    Football is the game
    we’re all together
    And winning is our aim
    So cheer us on through the sun and rain
    Cause Chelsea
    “Chelsea is our name”
    I repeat “Chelsea is our name ”

    in Roman Abromovich we trust

  • seriously speaking selling Chelsea right now is not the best thing to do considering our situations. I think our boss made a nice decision.

  • If he is rich he should rather go and buy AC Milan and not Chelsea. We trust Abramovich.

    Please supporters in UK should rise and support Roman.

  • Please abramovich do not sale Chelsea in Chelsea we trust if sale i will not be happy at all

  • Blues for life, Chelsea football club is not for sale I love Chelsea so much we should buy strong to to partner kante fabregas is weak in midfield now no more strong

  • Blues for life, Chelsea football club is not for sale I love Chelsea so much we should buy strong 10 to partner kante fabregas is weak in midfield is no longer active

  • never & never roman remain the owner of our team chelsea,coz ur the one who made it the way hw it is now,we are winning,u increase on our player's.let willian,fabrigas,eden.remain says:

    Ur the best

  • in roman we trust,do sell our team to that man,let him buy united,were w he wen u were buying it

  • go and buy arsenal, man u or even madrid,,leave Roma alone. if he sell Chelsea I will quit supporting.. the man is trying.. support financially if you want to help . we don’t need you to buy my club… for those that matters give Roma his visa ..bad people…we love the blues

    • plse we love chelsea fc as a team and abromovic as the the sole man behind the team ,

  • no way what is Roman lacking just buy for us funs good players and u will see how ur business is going) look at where u have started and now u want to leave it to another person, in business onces marketing team failed u get another one,so can u get new players than bringing for us old players that has no features

  • The blues for life. Chelsea owner should not sale the club, I so love Chelsea. they should retain hazard; sale Pedro, drink water, Fabre gas, and backlay ;and then bring a good striker, center attacker, good midfielder who will help kante at the middle, so as to enable contend for the trophy next season

  • We love chelsea fc as a team and Roman as a person but alright thing most be done…give any manager appoint free hand to operate!!!

    • wot do u mean by free hand 2 operate? is abramovich d one coaching CFC? He is d most free team owner in d world, d only time he comes in is wen results are not as anticipated.

  • Chelsea fc is not going to be sell for any dime, endorse his visa, in Roman we trust, Up Chelsea!

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