Date: 3rd November 2018 at 11:45am
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After an impressive start to the season, whereby Chelsea are unbeaten in all competitions, hopes are building that Maurizio Sarri’s side can mount a serious assault on the Premier League title currently held by Manchester City.

However, despite our fine start, there is a general consensus of opinion that to make a serious challenge for the title, we need to invest in a top-notch striker with Morata and Giroud not being capable of giving us that decisive cutting edge that separates those that win titles from also-rans.

But, if the Chelsea support were of the opinion that it was a problem that could be addressed once the summer transfer window opens, it looks as if they are going to be seriously disappointed.

Talking to the media, ahead of the visit of Crystal Palace, Maurizio Sarri, as covered by the respected news vehicle, the Independent, has hinted that the club will not be bringing in any new talent once the January transfer window opens, remarking:

“I didn’t ask anything about it to my club at the moment because at the moment I think we can stay with these players and be competitive.

“I have to think I only have to help these players to improve. It is too easy to go into the market for every problem. I think we need to improve and we need to improve with these players because they can improve.

“I have to think to improve my players. It is my work, I think. The market, there is the club. I can say to the club my opinion about what I think I need but my job is to try to improve my players.”

Is it a strategy that Chelsea should be applauded for?

Is it the correct strategy?

Or is it a foolish one that will see the club fall short in a season where our start has given us the chance to wrestle back the Premier League title Manchester City ripped from our grasp last season?

Your thoughts on the subject matter would be most appreciated, please feel free to drop your views into the comment facility beneath this article.

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60 Replies to “Chelsea Supporters Will Be So Disappointed By This News”

  • Comment being in one new striker and sell one of the two strikers because two of them are not going well and much as we expected.

  • Comment, please it is necessary to bring in a bite striker that can converts goal anytime any day,morata is too dull to my liken as a striker. we need to fortified the front tier if really we need an adequate result comes the end of the season.

  • Chelsea need a goal striker,
    Bcos watch morota to improve is not the best option, get a goal striker who is better than him an see him(morota) improved” Thanks’.

  • Comment Chelsea seriously need a good and active striker that will give us what we need, because morata and geroud are seriously lacking behind

  • I think Sarri has spoken so well because, is his duty to improve the players in any areas of the playing.

  • Comment The season is almost gone half way. when does sarri thinks he can improve the strikers. in my opinion he should buy a better striker that he ll feature in the big game while he continue to improve Morata and Giroud and test them in small game. God bless Chelsea and all its fans

  • As at nowadays CFC players they are doing well with sarri play tactics but the problem which should be tackle since now is not more than co~operation among the players to loves each other without vias or selfish.

    CFC 4LIFE .

  • actually, we need a prolific stricker!!!! Morata is a very good stricker but what i dont like in him is that he falls on the ground too much...........does that mean hes lazy please people help me ask says:

    Actually, Morata is a very good and a prolific player but what I don’t like with him is that he fall too much, cos a good and real stricker doesn’t behave that way………he needs to correct the inppretion that people always say that he is too lazy thank you

  • Comment: Agreed that and I support the club to go all the way to sign a sharp striker as January transfer window open please and please our minds always boiled we the fans.

  • I think Chelsea need another striker in order to make the club formidable, Chelsea problem is finisher and defenders cahill is weak they need Yong and strong replacement for him. But if the coach think is okay with the performance of the team fine, he will take the glory and blame.

  • Comment If sarri can help them to improve, there’s no problem on that, but Chelsea need a prolific stricker who can deliver. simple.

  • Hazard said it during the summer that Chelsea needed to sign quality players and I think that would keep him in Chelsea and he would forget the temptation of moving to real Madrid. Chelsea is suffering now because they don’t have quality striker

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