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Vital Chelsea welcomes the latest to join us in the Chelsea Brotherhood!

CSFC was founded 1970-71 as the official supporter`s club of Chelsea in Sweden. During the 70`s it was the biggest and most active of the supporter clubs in Sweden and covered most of the Nordic countries.

Today we are a totally unofficial supporter club instead. We have no membership but offer the possibility to follow the club through articles and facts on the internet only. That choice was made when Ken Bates took control over all supporter clubs. CSFC did not want to become totally dependent and that closely tied to the club. (The official fan club is today Chelsea Supporter`s Sweden, which we recommend for those that seek membership and a tie-in with the official Chelsea).

For others CSFC might be a place to write and find out things about our beloved Chelsea. CSFC ties in with Vital Chelsea as the writer Lindy is also the person that once started CSFC and awarded the 1971 Cupwinner Cup`s winners players honourary membership when they visited Sweden after the triumph in Athens. So Peter Osgood, David Webb, Chopper Harris, Peter Bonetti, John Hollins and so many more have actually been members of this supportclub.

Chelsea Swedish Fan Club, Click Here

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