Date: 7th August 2017 at 7:43am
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The minute the final whistle sounded yesterday, against Arsenal in the Community Shield, I knew we had a problem.

With the game finishing 1-1 and with it to be decided on penalties, in the new A-B-B-A format, I scanned the pitch looking for likely candidates to take the five spot-kicks.

With Hazard injured, Willian having been substituted, Pedro sent-off and with Diego Costa a fading memory, I couldn`t work out who would take our five kicks.

As it turned out, it was Gary Cahill who strode forward first, an unlikely choice I thought, but our club captain showed his bottle and saw the net bulge.

With the new format Arsenal took the next two spot-kicks, both were duly despatched past Thibaut Courtois, making it 2-1 to Arsenal.

Desperate to get the score level, it was a huge surprise to see Thibaut Courtois stride forward, perhaps the Belgian was going to show us how he can rival Bayern Munich`s Manuel Neuer when it came to taking spot-kicks.

Sadly, it wasn`t to be the case, Courtois was more Kerry Dixon back at Loftus Road, against Queens Park Rangers, seeing his spot kick sail over the bar, or to be precise, three feet two inches over the bar.

Never mind, with Alvaro Morata striding forward surely we`d make it 2-2 now. Nope! Our most expensive signing ever merely scuffed his wide in what was fast becoming a farce.

With Arsenal, under the new system, having to take the next two spot-kicks, you just knew our fate was sealed.

Afterwards, Thibaut Courtois had this to say about the situation, remarking to the media,

“Very disappointed with the loss. I took the responsibility to shoot but unfortunately I missed.”

Yes, you did in what was, quite possibly, the worst penalty shoot-out I`ve seen Chelsea involved in for a long time!

But what are your thoughts on the new penalty system?

Does it work?

Are you for it or against it?

Your thoughts would be most welcome in our comments facility beneath this article.

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