Date: 13th January 2017 at 4:38pm
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With the revelation yesterday that the West Ham United player, Dimitri Payet, no longer wants to play for the club, it hasn`t taken the media long to link Chelsea with a move for the player.

The good folk of The Sun have been quick to suggest that the 29-year-old could be heading to West London.

However, if the West Ham manager, Salven Bilic, is set to move the player out, which would mean a U-turn on what he said yesterday, Chelsea would have to pay big-bucks for the playmaker, with several sources suggesting that it would take a fee in the region of £35 million before the Hammers would enter into a discussion about a possible deal.

But, something troubles me, would we really want to bring across London somebody who has shown that his loyalty to a cause can be questioned?

Your views on the above would be most welcome.


5 Replies to “Chelsea to make move to Sign Payet”

  • Bad move, don’t need him & don’t want him. Keep the money in the bank for the summer transfers.

  • Not for me he had a great season last year but hasn’t been as good this, he couldn’t replace hazard so where would he fit in, I agree with blackrussian let’s go for who conte wants not just get players for no reason

  • Would be such a bad idea. The player has reportedly refused to play for his current team. If that’s true, you cannot ever trust this player not to do the same at any other club. It’s a huge red flag that hints at egocentrism, and extreme unprofessionalism. We don’t want to be associated with this.

  • Allegedly he wants to go back to France, cannot see us interested in him , plus Conte and Bilic are good friends, cannot see the Don being underhanded .

  • I don’t rate this guy. He is like end of career Beckham. Nice free kicks but nothing else to offer. No thanks.

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